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Can you use a free VPN to stream Super Bowl 2021?



Best answer: Yes, though be sure to check out what limitations your free VPN has to see if it is Super Bowl suitable. Most free VPN services have data caps which you may run into during the game. Others have limited server availability which may make catching a CBS or BBC stream impossible. A paid VPN would provide a better experience.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee: ExpressVPN

It’s very easy to watch Super Bowl 2021 with networks like CBS and the BBC airing the game for free. If there isn’t a broadcaster showing the game for free in your region or you want to tune into the broadcast of a different country, you can use a VPN to change your device’s location in order to achieve that.

If that’s your situation and you want to get a stream of the game without spending a dime, you’ve probably looked into free VPN services wondering if they will work for the Super Bowl, and now you’re reading this article.

The short answer to your query is that technically yes, you can stream the Super Bowl using a free VPN, but only if the circumstances are right. The vast majority of free VPN providers implement some kind of limit on their product in order to incentivize users to upgrade to a paid plan. For an event like the Super Bowl, those limitations can cause a problem if you want a reliable, real-time stream.

If your free VPN has a strict data cap — many allow only 500MB per month — or has a limited number of available server options, then you might not be able to stream the game in its entirety or at all. Some free VPN providers also only offer lower speeds to their free users which is not how you want to experience the biggest sporting event of the year.

We’ve outlined the best free VPNs for watching the Super Bowl down below, though we strongly recommend going for a paid-for VPN service if you want to have a straightforward, enjoyable experience of the game. There are some great Super Bowl VPN deals around right now so you don’t have to spend a lot and most offer money-back guarantees in case they are not the right pick for you.

Best free VPNs for watching Super Bowl LV

We’ve dismissed any free VPNs with lousy data limitations for this list which is why you won’t see some of the most well-known free VPNs below. There’s no point getting set up with a free VPN that only has a 500MB data cap as you’re going to burn through that long before you hit the half-time show.

If a VPN provider only offers a measly number of servers in obscure locations, we’ve also left those off as you’re going to need to be able to use a server in a location where the Super Bowl is playing free-to-air like the U.S. or UK in order to watch it for free. VPN


Free at’s free plan offers a generous 10GB of data per month which is much more than most other free VPNs. Drawbacks to’s free plan include more limited server availability with just five locations (including two U.S.-based servers) to choose from as well as only being able to connect one device at a time.



Free at ProtonVPN

From the creators of the secure and encrypted ProtonMail comes ProtonVPN. There are no data limits here, but free users are deprioritized in favor of paid ones during peak usage times — which the Super Bowl will likely be. There are also only three server locations, though one is in the U.S. and should work for a CBS stream (speed permitting).



Free at Speedify

Speedify is another free VPN option to consider, though its 2GB data allowance might not be enough to get through the whole of the Super Bowl and half-time show. It does, however, offer a wider variety of servers to choose from and some very fast speeds which are ideal for streaming video. You can always upgrade to a paid plan from just $2.99 per month if you like the service but run out of data.

Best Paid VPN for watching Super Bowl LV

Going for a paid VPN service is likely to give you a much better experience, and you don’t have to shell out a fortune. You also don’t have to commit to a long-term plan to make any savings either.

With features like unlimited data, fast speeds, thousands of servers, and 24/7 customer support, the below premium VPNs are likely a better choice for most people. The majority include a money-back guarantee should it not be suitable for your needs and some are super short-term deals so you can use it for the Super Bowl and ditch it soon after should you no longer need it.

If you’ve considered your options and have decided to opt for a paid-for VPN service, here are the best options for the Super Bowl.



VPN providers rarely offer a discount on their monthly plans, usually preferring you to opt for a longert-term option to lock in any savings. That’s what makes this IPVnsih deal really appealing with 50% off your first month with no commitment. Sign up today and try it out, cancel any time.

$4.99 at IPVanish



The $0.99 trial is hard to pass up, especially if you are unsure if PureVPN is right for you. If you’ve been considering signing up, this may be just what you need to make the plunge and give one a shot right now.

$0.99 at PureVPN

Surfshark VPN


Surfshark offers one of the best cheap VPN options already, but this discount makes it an even better value. It’s hard to beat this deal, especially considering everything that Surfshark does already and how well it performs. The deal won’t be around forever, though.

From $2.49 at Surfshark



From $6.67 at ExpressVPN

No matter where you are in the world, a VPN is one of the easiest ways to watch the Super Bowl, the half-time show, and its famous commercials in 2021.

We’re expecting an exciting, action-packed, thrilling games and potentially one of the highest-scoring Super Bowls in recent times, so don’t miss it.

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