Saturday, June 22, 2024

Bullitt Group announces partnership to make rugged Motorola phones


Bullitt Group and Motorola Partnership

Bullitt Group is the producer of rugged mobile phones, primarily as the mobile licensee of the Caterpillar (CAT/Cat Phones) brand. This includes phones such as the Cat S62 Pro, a phone that is drop-proof to 1.8m, dustproof, and resistant to vibration, sand, salt mist, and pressure.


Now, Bullitt Group has announced a partnership with Motorola to produce a range of rugged devices bearing the Motorola brand. The goal with this is to give the phone company a presence in a market that is growing; that is, people who need their phone to be able to withstand their more adventurous lifestyle.

More details on these phones will be announced later this quarter.

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