Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Best PlayStation Plus deals of February 2021: save nearly 50% today


Whether you are buying a PS5 or already have yourself a PlayStation 4, you are probably considering picking up a PlayStation Plus subscription. For those unaware, PlayStation Plus is Sony’s online subscription service that allows you to play multiplayer games with friends, get discounts on games, and so much more. Normally, the service costs about $60 for the year, but you generally don’t have to look too far in order to find a discount on it.

What’s really great about shopping for PlayStation Plus subscriptions is the fact that they can be stacked, so even if your subscription isn’t due right now you can still buy a discounted one and then add it to the end of your current subscription. This means that you can even buy two of the subscriptions on sale and potentially get two years of PS Plus for the same cost as a single year would normally cost if you weren’t looking for a deal.

PlayStation Plus has a LOT of great benefits beyond just the ability to play online games with your friends. Each month, Sony offers up a set of games that PS Plus subscribers can download for free just because you are a subscriber. The type of games change each month, which is pretty cool, and potentially each year you can get dozens of games that you’d normally pay for at no additional cost. Beyond this, Sony also offers exclusive discounts on games and in-game purchases for different titles each month.

When you add together all the benefits, it’s really easy to justify the cost of a PlayStation Plus subscription, especially when you buy one at such a steep discount.

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