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4 Awesome PDFBear Tools That Will Solve Your Problems


Portable Document Files, or PDF, is one of the most widely used file formats worldwide. This file type is very accessible, and the document format remains precisely how you laid it, even when you access it from different devices and operating systems. It is likely to have a small file size, so it is easy to manage and share.

Despite the many convenience PDF brings, there are also some troubles when handling PDF files. There are many options online to help you solve your problems, one of which is PDFBear. PDFBear is a reliable and convenient website you can find online that offers various helpful tools for PDF files. The best part is, you can access these tools for free.

These tools have instructions that are easy to follow, so using them won’t be a hassle. You won’t even have to wait that long, as the tools do not take too much time to process everything. There are many useful tools on the website. But here are some of the tools that you should try and know about.

Convert File Format

Docx files are prone to changes in formats when printing or using another computer. It would be frustrating to spend your time and effort formatting your document just to get altered. To avoid messing with the format of your online documents, you should convert your files to PDF.

PDFBear provides a tool to convert Docx to PDF. The tool is not too complicated to use and does not consume too much of your valuable time. To convert your Docx file, you have to select and upload the document file. After uploading the selected file, the system will automatically scan and convert your document. In a few minutes, your converted PDF file is ready to download.

You can now open your document file on any device without worrying about anything. It is now easier to access it using a mobile phone since PDF files do not require you to download and spend on some special apps for you to open it.

Online Repair Tool

Damaged or corrupting a file is something that cannot be avoided when handling a PDF file. It is a common problem and can be troublesome. Some might even think of starting from scratch when they experience this problem. Well, it is not necessary. PDFBear has a free online repair tool to solve your problem.

Like all of PDFBear’s tools, this is not a complicated tool to use. All you have to do is select the damaged or corrupted PDF file and upload it. The system will analyze the file, then click repair. In just a few minutes, your repaired PDF file is available to download. Keep in mind that the tool might not fix some corrupted files for some reason, but rest assured the system won’t make it worse.

Password Protection Tool

Security is a big concern in the digital world. At some point in time, you may have files that contain sensitive and confidential contents, so setting up a password comes to your mind. This next tool enables you to stop unauthorized access or sharing of your files.

PDFBear’s password-protect tool allows you to set up a password on your PDF files in just a few minutes. You can construct a password that includes upper and lower case letters, numbers, and even symbols. It is essential to think of a strong password that is not easy to decode but, at the same time, not difficult for you to remember.

Unlock PDF Tool

Since there is a tool to put up a password, there should also be a tool to remove it. There might be instances where the contents of your files do not need confidentiality. Therefore, you think of removing the password.

PDFBear’s unlock PDF tool allows you to remove the password you initially set up on your files in a few and easy steps. All you need to do is choose the file and upload it in the PDFBear tool. The decryption process only takes a few minutes. After completing the process, your PDF file will be password-free and available to download.


Encountering different challenges is inevitable when handling PDF files. With PDFBear, you have easy access to an extensive array of tools to help you manage your PDF files. When you have troubles, feel free to visit PDFBear’s website and use their tools. They will solve your problems with just a few clicks.

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