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Step up your audio and save $200 on Vizio’s home theater sound system

Vizio’s 5.1.4-channel 46-inch home theater sound bar system has dropped to $599 on Amazon. This system normally goes for $800, and we have never seen it drop below $700 on Amazon before. You can see the same system is still $800 at Best Buy and they’re calling it a sale. A couple of retailers have it down to Amazon’s price, though, and you can find it online at places like Sam’s Club.

With this speaker, you don’t just have sound blasting from the main sound bar, you’ll have it coming from all around you. It’s a five-channel system with a wireless subwoofer. More than that, it also supports Dolby Atmos and can shoot audio vertically. That means, with the right setup and the rear surround sound speakers, you have audio coming at you from the front, the back, above you, and all around you.

While Vizio’s system would make an amazing upgrade for your TV, it’s not exclusive to being used that way. It also has Chromecast built in, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Play from all of you Bluetooth devices, stream your favorite shows from your phone, and more. Watch anything you want and benefit from the Vizio’s amazing sound quality.

The main 46-inch sound bar does have forward and upward firing speakers, but it also has a dedicated center channel. That means you get crystal clear dialogue along with the ambiance of the music and sound effects. Lesser sound bars would muddle the dialogue, making it hard to hear what was being said. You won’t have to worry about that with Vizio’s system.

If you don’t want to connect wirelessly, you can always use the RCA to 3.5mm audio cable, HDMI 2.0, or a digital optical cable. There’s also a remote control with an LCD display that allows for quick and easy control.

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