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Jam to some tunes with these JLab Audio true wireless earbuds for $50 today

The JLab Audio Epic Air Sport true wireless earbuds have dropped to $49.99 at Best Buy. This sale is part of Best Buy’s deals of the day, and the price won’t last forever. The last time we saw them drop this low was way back in early November, and the earbuds normally sell for around $80 or more. You can still find them going for as much as $100 at some retailers like Target.

The JLab Audio earbuds have a very long battery life, which is important for earbuds with both Bluetooth and active noise-cancelling. If you use both features, you’ll still get plenty of time to listen to all the music you want to listen to. The earbuds will last for up to 11 hours when both are active. You can bump that to over 15 by not using the ANC. Either way, you get another 55 hours worth of charge from the included case, which means you can stay out and on the move without having to plug into a wall for a very long time with these earbuds.

The active noise-cancelling includes three different modes (on, off, and Be Aware). Be Aware will let outside onises pass through when you need to make sure you hear things like traffic or an arriving train or the plane coming up behind you cause you wondered onto the tarmac while jamming. The ANC works by using the four built-in microphones to analyze the noise around you and eliminate whatever is unwanted.

The case charges via USB-A, but you can also use a Qi-certified wireless charging pad to charge it as well. The earbuds include sensors in each ear that can detect when you are wearing them. They will pause the music when you remove them and immediately continue where they left off when you put them back in.

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