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Home News Grab a portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker with the UE Megablast for $143

Grab a portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker with the UE Megablast for $143

The Ultimate Ears Megablast portable Bluetooth speaker is a paltry $143 on Amazon. This speaker normally goes for around $180 or more, and it hasn’t dropped anywhere near this low since the beginning of 2020. You can still find the Megablast going for as much as $230 at other retailers like Best Buy.

The Megablast by Ultimate Ears delivers the ultimate sound. It has speakers in 360 degrees around the device so no matter where you place it, you’ll be able to hear your music. Put the speaker right in the middle of the party and entertain everyone. It’s rich, clear, and pumps out chest-thumping bass.

The battery can last for up to 12 hours as well, so it’s not going to cut out during most events. You can easily just recharge over night and be ready for the next day.

With Amazon Alexa built right in, you have a lot more flexibility on how to control the speaker, too. Alexa basically gives you hands-free voice control. Just ask Alexa to play music from any of your favorite apps like Spotify, Amazon Music, and more. You can change tracks, discover something new, or use any of Alexa’s skills like controlling your smart home or listening to the news.

The IP67 rating on the Megablast means it’s resistant to water and dust. Take it outside, walk around, or let it improve your party. You can even immerse it in water for up to 30 minutes, so it’s in no danger around the pool or a bathtub.

All you need for the initial setup is a Wi-Fi router for it to connect to, and audio playback is supported by Bluetooth devices using A2DP. Its app works on both iOS and Android so as long as you have a recently updated version of either one of those you should be able to access those features as well.


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