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Get insane speeds with the SanDisk Extreme Pro 2TB portable SSD for $310

The SanDisk Extreme Pro 2TB USB-C portable solid state drive has dropped to $309.99 at Amazon. This is a great low price for this speedy drive, which normally goes for a street price around $350 and can peak as high as $400. You can actually find this price at a couple of different retailers, too, including B&H. While it did go lower over Black Friday, that’s the only time today’s price has ever been beaten.

The SanDisk Extreme is a very portable solid state drive, and it’s important that it’s an SSD for multiple reasons. The first of which is that regular hard drives are notoriously less durable especially in portable form. The second of which is that SSDs with the right tech have the potential to be much, much faster.

With 2TB of space you can keep all your music and other media real close by. Since it’s an SSD, you don’t have to worry about the same moving parts you’d find on a portable hard drive, so it’s a lot more durable and can bounce around in your pack without you worrying about it. With the NVMe tech built in, you’ll also be able to transfer data to it rather quickly with speeds up to 2,000 MB/s. Of course, you’ll need to use a connection like USB-C that’s capable of sustaining speeds that high; otherwise, it will still work with older connections but won’t be as fast.

In addition to its natural durability as an SSD, the SanDisk Extreme Pro is also very rugged in other ways. It is resistant to water and dust with an IP55 rating. And it’s shock resistant and vibration resistant so you can accidentally drop it without fear. The SSD’s aluminum chassis acts as a heat sink, too, and helps the SSD sustain its high speeds.

It’s backed by a five-year warranty from SanDisk.

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