Saturday, July 20, 2024

Get 30% off comprehensive password and data protection with Keeper


Passwords are your first line of defense for keeping your information secure on the internet. We named Keeper Security one of the best password managers, but Keeper’s features go well beyond keeping your passwords safe.

With Keeper’s most basic subscription plan, Keeper Unlimited, you can keep track of an unlimited number of passwords, auto-fill those passwords on all of your online accounts and apps, and generate new strong passwords. Like all Keeper plans, Keeper Unlimited gives you access to your Keeper Vault on an unlimited number of devices. But the value doesn’t stop there.  Keeper Unlimited also allows you to securely store identity and payment information, login with fingerprint and facial identification, and securely share records with family and friends. It also lets you set up emergency access for up to five contacts.

Best of all, Keeper is making it even more affordable for you to  keep your data safe with a special New Year’s Resolution price on Keeper’s top-rated password security platform. Act now and get 30% off a one-year Keeper Unlimited subscription. That’s  just $25 for one year of Keeper Unlimited protection!

Keeper Unlimited is a great plan for singles, but what if you have more than one person in your household? No problem!  With the Keeper Family service, you get the same comprehensive password protection and all the other great security features of the Unlimited service, but for five users instead of just one.

And that’s not all! Keeper Family also includes five private vaults (one for each user), with a combined capacity of 10GB to store sensitive documents, photos, videos, and any other files your family wants to keep secure. Just like Keeper Unlimited, Keeper Family lets everyone access their private vault on an unlimited number of devices. And if you act now, you can subscribe to Keeper Family at 30% off the regular subscription price and protect your entire family online for an entire year for only $52.49.

Want even more  protection? Choose from a range of add-on security services, including  Dark Web monitoring and chat encryption.

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