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Blast your music with Marshall’s Action II Bluetooth speaker for $180

The black version of the Marshall Action II Bluetooth speaker has dropped in price to $179.99 at Best Buy. You can also find this deal at Target. If you prefer the white version, it’s sort of on sale with a drop to $199.99. The speaker normally sells for around $250 and is still going for that price at other retailers like B&H and is going for even more at other places, like $300 at Amazon. We did see this speaker go as low as $150 during the holiday shopping season, but other than that today’s deal is the best price we’ve seen.

The Action II is a fantastic Bluetooth speaker that has a design that makes it look great no matter where you put it. It also has a pretty compact size despite all it can do, so you can fit it on a bookshelf or your nightstand if you want. Heck, since it’s Bluetooth you can take it out and about as well.

The speaker has a power output of 60W so you get powerful, rich sound. It uses a two-way system so you get audio that sounds like it’s coming from one source instead of several separate sources. Plus, it is built with dual tweeters and a subwoofer for enhanced sound quality. The bass reflex enclosure also helps promote optimal performance by directing the bass with a rear-firing port.

You can connect to the speaker via the 3.5mm jack, and there are a couple of other manual buttons you can use like a volume control. But there is always Bluetooth. Stream all your favorite music from any of your favorite devices. You can also use the Marshall Bluetooth app for some customization options and to ensure your speaker is setup and connected properly.

It comes with a one-year warranty from Marshall.

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