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A brief guide to start with EHS

EHS management is a crucial process for all companies aimed at solidifying the practices at the workplace assuring the safety of workers and their surroundings. To understand what EHS is, let us go through it one letter at a time.


E stands for the environment. This principle says that the business and its practices should not affect the surroundings negatively. Consider the oil tankers which results in oil spills across the oceans damaging marine life. The lack of safety protocols present in factories lead to situations such as the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. To avoid such incidents that do irreparable damage to nature, protocols of the first rule are applied.


H stands for health. No company can function with a large number of employees calling in sick leaves every day. If proper hygiene isn’t maintained at the workplace, people may get nauseatic by foul order or incur bacterial and fungal infections. In a time where the world is so cautious about catching the Covid-19 virus, offices which are open should take into account the health and safety measures concerning their employees.


This brings us to the last principle. S stands for safety. This is to prevent workplace accidents and injuries. In factories where hundreds of employees work every day, there should be regular surveys concerning the safety protocols and their effectiveness. Accidents on the work floor can give a lot of costs for the organization. The costs of losing assets and repairing them is much more than what it would take to keep the standards in check.

EHS Managers in the firm

This responsibility is either managed by a single person or is divided among different people each handling different routines. Overall EHS managers are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Make sure all employees are aware of the EHS standards followed within the organization.
  • Conduct regular workshops and seminars regarding EHS and its importance.
  •  Perform incident investigation and put precautionary measures in place.
  • Enforce EHS regulatory compliance.
  • Gather information where EHS is not being implemented properly and take desirable actions.
  • Conduct mock drills to ensure that employees know what to do when faced with an emergency.
  • Listen to employee grievances and take actions to resolve them.

EHS Management System

Doing all these tasks simultaneously can be very daunting especially in a large organization having hundreds of employees. Hence, it is advised to have a dedicated EHS software that meets all these requirements Websites such as https://capptions.com/ are dedicated for this purpose. They allow you to:

  • Create customizable forms to gather feedback.
  • Manage data efficiently in centralized servers.
  • Track versions and status of reports.
  • Manage workshops and drills.
  • Send reports and information to all employees with just a click of a button.
  • Have secure facilities to store your data.
  • Ensure that all EHS compliance standards are in place and also shows where you are lagging.

Captions is an all-in-one package for everything. Start building a better working culture by following the EHS measures today.