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6 Reasons Why Businesses Need Effective Email Marketing Strategy


Small business owners who are doing their best to get traction online, are looking for different ways to connect with their intended audience. They are keen to build relationships with their prospects to convert them into customers.

Email marketing to do the job for these businesses and actually connect with the intended clients genuinely. But many business owners do wonder, can email marketing make a real difference to the marketing process?

In short, yes, email marketing campaigns can reach and connect with the targeted audience at affordable costs with a personalized flavour. Email marketing tools have evolved over time to give businesses the ability to expand their customer reach.

Here are the top 6 reasons why businesses need email marketing today, more than ever:

1. Stay in contact with the intended audience with periodic emails

Emails can help keep customers informed. Consumers can check emails when convenient for them. They also allow businesses to sneak into their email box to share thoughts on how the business can do something for them, personally. Those who sign up for email lists indicate that they want to keep receiving similar emails related to the subject and company. Sending emails that offer something of worth to the readers is bound to boost engagement with customers.

2. Reach customers in real-time with well-designed email messages

Litmus reports that 54% of emails were opened right on some kind of mobile device. This fact indicates that mobile device-aligned messages can get traction more than those emails that are lengthy but don’t serve a specific point. The open emails ratio on mobiles indicates a real-time connection with clients with a smart marketing strategy. More consumers are preferring to use mobile devices at all times of the day. They prefer to access emails and other media through those devices directly. This fact helps the approach when businesses prefer to use well-designed emails to push through high conversion rates on mobile devices.

Get an email marketing expert in your marketing team who could help you boost your email marketing services with relevant ideas especially in growing your email list and also utilize his or her experience in driving engagement. Plan the email campaigns with proper implementation with expert assistance, today.

3. People engage with enticing emails with lucrative offers

An email has been a distinct approach to communication of decades now. In recent years, emails gave evolved to become an important mode of communication. Businesses rely on emails to reply and send data in various formats, getting the prospects to sign up with a service or offer discounts for promotions too. The astute business professionals rely on email to entice them about the brand offerings with a pertinent call to action. Statistics back this fact stating that 25 per cent of sales in the last year alone were brought about by email marketing services.

4. Email marketing campaigns are easy to measure and plan ahead

Most email marketing campaigns include an ability to analyse and track the user actions once they get it in their inbox. Emails are effectively tracked on the basis of delivery rates, bounce rates, click-through rates, open rates, and unsubscribe clicks. The results are there to see transparently, which means that businesses can choose to tweak their approach or get rid of it altogether.

They can rely on tangible metrics to push for “optimal” numbers for every campaign based on industry and audience. Sending too many emails every week could lead to rising in unsubscribe rates. Marketers need to plan emails based on intended customers with genuine content.

5. Automation is possible effectively with the email marketing process      

With email marketing automation, businesses can certainly stay ahead of the curve and plan the emails efficiently. Irrespective of every digital marketing process, emails are the only ones that lend well to automation. Automation helps in ensuring the emails are relevant and timely to the entire campaign itself. With strategic triggers and workflows, marketers can send relevant messages to consumers based on their actions.

Such emails are relevant to eCommerce businesses to pursue customers who have not gone through with their purchase. They can send emails in an automated manner to help them continue with the process and even offer assistance for their purchase.

6. Segmentation is easier with email marketing

Using a consumer’s name can make a huge difference during communication. Emails containing first names of recipients lead to high click through rates too. This fact leads to the ideal scenario of segmentation wherein the audiences are bifurcated based on their purchase behaviour and other traits, gleaned from different sources.

One can personalize messaging and content for every segment, thus ensuring a better success rate than before. The segments could be clubbed based on common characteristics and geographic areas. Segments based on ideology, behaviour, interest can always be targeted effectively.

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Saumil Shah is the marketing lead at InboxArmy, an e-commerce email marketing agency that specializes in providing email campaign management services from production to deployment. In 2014, the digital marketing bug bit him and he fell in love with helping clients succeed in the digital arena. Saumil Shah has helped clients in various niches grow their businesses and revenue through SEO, content marketing, PPC, email marketing, and lead generation.

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