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Home News You can't afford to miss Red Pocket's phone service deals from $8...

You can’t afford to miss Red Pocket’s phone service deals from $8 a month

If you’re hoping to use Black Friday sales as a way to lower your monthly phone bill, then you’re in luck with all of the deals flying around right now. However, instead of hooking up with your carrier for another lengthy and complicated contract, why not ditch your current way of doing things for one of Red Pocket Mobile’s prepaid phone service kits?

It is offering 360-day prepaid service deals from as little as $94.99 right now. That equates to under $8 a month and you can choose a SIM card that works with your network of choice.

Red Pocket is an MVNO which means it piggy-backs off of the major carriers for service. Since it works with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon, it is compatible with pretty much all phones, even if yours is locked to one of those providers.

The $95 plan gets you 1,000 phone minutes, unlimited texts, and 1GB of high-speed data that resets every 30 days. If 1GB of data works for you, especially if you’re spending way more time at home on the Wi-Fi these days, or if you’re looking for a cheap plan for a kid’s phone, then that’s a deal that is pretty much unbeatable elsewhere.

If you need more data, the 3GB plan is also reduced right now, down to $169.99, meaning you’re paying the equivalent of $14 per month. It also gets you unlimited talk time. Alternatively, you can up the data to 8GB for just a few bucks extra a month.


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