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Software Options for Real Estate Agencies

You’re a busy person, so we’ll make this one quick. We found some incredibly awesome real estate software that will make your life a lot easier.

Did you know that 62% of agents use some form of comparative market analysis (CMA) software to generate market reports? Or that real estate agents earning more than $100,000 are more than twice as likely to use advanced software systems than agents who earn less?

The real estate industry is constantly changing both in terms of the professional landscape and consumer market. That said, keeping up with the latest real estate technology is a great way to position yourself up for success. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best software solutions for your real estate business.

Transaction Management Software

Real estate transactions are frustratingly complex and it’s not uncommon for real estate agents to get buried in a sea of documents. That said, savvy agents know that being organized is critical for one to succeed in real estate.

But how do stay organized in an industry where paper is essential?

That’s where transaction management software comes in. We choose Paperless Pipeline due to its ability to manage critical tasks, streamline workflow, create automated checklists, and ensure successful on-time closings.

With Paperless Pipeline, you’ll never have to worry about lost documents, missed deadlines, or tasks falling through the cracks. The software automates your time-consuming processes and puts all your tasks in a central place, so you’re able to instantly see the status of each transaction. Plus it lets you generate instant transaction and commission reports whenever you need them.

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Leads are the lifeblood of any real estate business.

For your agency to thrive, you must maintain a healthy pipeline of leads. No leads mean no clients, no sales, no revenue, and no growth.

But with over 2 million active real estate agents in the US, how do you beat the competition and get more prospects to choose your business? This is where lead generation and nurturing software for real estate comes in, and Zillow Premier Agent is our top choice.


Zillow Premier Agent harnesses the power of over 180 million monthly users who use Zillow. And with more than 186 homes viewed per second, Zillow has become the buyer’s favorite platform for hunting homes. Plus as a Zillow Premier Agent, you get access to exclusive resources that will help you connect with buyers and sellers and close more deals.

Website Builder and Marketing Software

You probably have heard that over 90% of buyers search for homes online first. That means to succeed in real estate, a well-optimized website is a must-have.

But how do you find time to build a website?

This is where real estate website builders come into play. We choose Agent Fire since it doubles as a handy website builder and a high-tech digital marketing solution.

Using the Spark builder, Agent Fire allows you to create a website within minutes then integrate it with your CRM System. Its top features include an integrated home valuation system, IDX search, AF lead manager, and Mailchimp integration.

Communication and Collaboration Software

In a competitive industry like real estate where time and productivity are everything, even a small gap in communication can slow down deals—or worse put you out of business.

But with a stellar collaboration tool like Slack, you’ll never have to worry about communication or team collaboration issues.

Slack lets you have one-on-one communication with individual team members, create channels for different topics/projects and even share files online. Better still, you can start a meeting or even make video calls with your team without leaving the app.

Have you used any of these software solutions for real estate? Share your experiences in the comments section below.