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Home News Planning To Gift A Baby Cot? Colors To Try Out?

Planning To Gift A Baby Cot? Colors To Try Out?

The cot will be your child’s bed until they turn 2-years or 3-years old. They are pretty sturdy and strong and do not have any broken or cracked slats along with jagged edges or points. You can use the baby cot right from the day your child is born as many individuals go for a Moses basket or crib for newborn babies. It’s because the new-born babies might feel a bit lost when they are placed in a large baby cot. The cots are pretty safe and also creates a secure environment for your baby to sleep in. They are guarded by railings so that your child doesn’t roll-off or fall over.

Baby cots: Colors to explore!

Although the baby cots are available in many different sizes, shapes, styles, and designs, they come in a variety of colors as well. Each of these colors has a meaning behind it that will give you an idea of how exactly the colors affect your baby. To know what the colors are, take a look at the information given below!

1.   Pink: The color pink is feminine, loving, and romantic. Little girls love the color pink and it stands out as a universal color of all things girly. If you want a baby girl, then buying a pink cot will be the best choice. The shade is pretty calming for children who are prone to throwing tantrums or fits.

2.   Brown: Brown is a grounded and earthy color, and it’s an ideal choice for a cot. If you are interested in buying a brown cot for your baby, then go for baby cots that come in dark chocolate or tan/beige color. Try to avoid any other brown colors as they might look a bit, well, poopy.

3.   Black: Black is a type of shade, which is powerful and authoritative. The color is pretty dark and strong, and you will come across many baby cots in black. Make sure to place the black-colored baby cot in a room that has a white background and has big windows as well.

4.   Blue: Blue is a color that represents subtle and healing. The color is known to be calming, and you find many baby cots in a variety of blue shades. But make sure to avoid colors like Grey-blue as they represent sadness. Blue can help in increasing productivity, and you must buy a cot with bright blue colors, not navy or dark blue ones.

5.   Red: Red is all about emotion, excitement, and passion. It’s a pretty popular color as it attracts plenty of attention. You will find many cots in red hues, and it helps in invoking a playful personality to stand out much more.

Final words to share

Baby cribs or cot are highly important for your child. When you have decided to buy one, make sure that the cot is of the right size and color. Conduct a bit of research, learn about the type or cots available in the market, and compare the prices before you make the final call. Also, make sure to check the quality of the cot as well so that you don’t end up with a cheap product.


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