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Must-Have Software You Should Invest For Your Company

It isn’t always easy to make business decisions, especially when it comes to choices that have a prolonged impact on your business. One aspect to which this phrase can be accurately applied is technology. On the one hand, many businesses are heavily reliant on technology and software. On the other hand, there are many tasks that most businesses do not trust software to handle. The matter goes deeper than distrust for software, though. We’ve been reliant on paper and on the human factor for too long that we often forget that there are better alternatives that save time, money, and creative energy. Taking this into consideration, here is a list of software we think are worth considering for the sake of your company.

Business Management Software

Tailored specifically for the businesses that juggle between many clients or projects, this software is designed to keep everything organized, from landing the client to delivering the project and receiving payment. Through your management software, you can create a shareable project timeline while monitoring the performance of your various teams to ensure that everyone is on-time with their submissions.

As you progress through your projects, the software collects data and prepares reports on all your teams, which makes the process of business valuation much simpler than it is usually. When it comes to public relations and customer management, the program can help by creating accounts for your clients where it stores any related data. With ease, you can manage invoices, send out quotes, and even look up previously assigned quotes. What about potential clients?

This software has all the necessary and important features to keep track of available opportunities, potential clients, and your sales funnel. Instead of going through the effort of following up with your every team, or spoon-feeding information across your company, a business management software enables you to keep everything connected and in one place.

Payroll Management Software

Managing salaries has always been a headache-inducing hassle, especially when it comes to deductions, bonuses, commission, and other variables. With payroll software, whenever you hire a new employee, they are added to the system, and their pay gets automatically generated based on your rates. To avoid any complications related to time-off, part-time, and full-time hires, according to our information from Zenefits, such a program is designed to constantly update payments and deductions by syncing with other business tools. Even better, employees can get access to a digital payment review that accounts for any deductions and shows the net pay. In addition to its many features, the software also integrates with various popular business management software, which means you can sync and transfer mass amounts of data at the click of a button. In short, the software is a quick solution that can save you from hours spent preparing spreadsheets, calculating numbers, and rummaging through emails and receipts.

Scheduling Software

If you often find yourself hounding your employees for shift availability only to end up staying late at the end of the week to schedule the following week’s shift, this type of software solution is for you. After you enter your employees’ information into the program or sync the data from different software, you can easily schedule shifts for your employees. Regardless of the size of your company, the software calculates the time slots allotted for each employee in order to keep you in compliance with HR regulations and your overtime to a minimum. At its core, the program is specialized in human resources and time management, which means that you’d be taking two burdens off your mind by implementing it.

First, the software will streamline communication across your company by enabling you to share schedules, reminders, notifications, and announcements regarding policies. Second, the system will keep track of employee working hours, split-shifts, and time-off requests. You’ll always be able to monitor who clocked-in late or early. From there, you can cross-reference the timesheets with the work done to assess worker efficiency, and while you’re at it, you can sync those timesheets to your choice of payroll software for instant salary calculations.

Ultimately, success in the business world comes down to resource management. Relying on software to handle some of your day-to-day tasks is more than just a step into the future. While it costs money to invest in software, keep in mind that you’re going to be saving yourself time and effort, and both resources are priceless. To keep up maximum productivity levels, prepare a presentation or a short seminar to acquaint your employees with the software you’re planning to introduce. When your business starts using the software, you’ll notice the smooth acceleration in productivity.


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