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How To Start An eSports Team

eSports are taking the world by storm. It should be no surprise that digital competitions are becoming popular in an increasingly tech-driven world. The top teams from different countries now compete for prizes worth millions in the largest tournaments. This is making young people seriously consider a career as pro gamers. Others are dreaming even bigger with hopes of forming their own esports team. It’s a long arduous process but you can certainly do it if you truly want to. Below is an outline of the steps towards that goal:

Select a Game

Before anything else, you must find a game to specialize in. Focus on a single one at the beginning to make the most of your limited resources. Pick one of the popular esports games that you play with solid proficiency. It’s hard to imagine a football manager who knows nothing about the game. The same is true with esports. Knowledge of gameplay will allow you make the right decisions moving forward.

Develop the Brand

Why would you like to start your own team? Do you want to be the star player surrounded by other talented gamers? Would you like to develop esports in your hometown? Are you aiming to make it big and turn management as a business? Are you out to help girls break into esports? What would you like this initial team to represent? Develop the brand based on your ideals to distinguish it from other teams.

Pick the Members (friends, tryouts, interviews) alternates for cushion, skills, passion, leadership, teamwork, grit

For startups, members are usually groups of friends who have been playing together for a while. Recruit more than what is necessary to go to competitions. You need to have subs in case regular members quit, get sick, or become unavailable. You can also add people by holding tryouts and interviews. See if they fit the brand and the personalities in the group. Look for qualities such as passion, leadership, teamwork, and grit. Skills can be enhanced but these intangibles are hard to find.

Build Your Hardware

If you have limited budget, then you might initially rely on the personal hardware of each member. However, this means some might lag behind in terms of technology and drag others with them. It is better to have a standard setup for everyone so they can all perform at a high level. You would also be able to focus on skills development once they have an even playing field.

Set Up Your Headquarters

An esports team needs to train as a group. Individual brilliance can only take people so far. In all types of team sports, those who can communicate effectively and work together well tends to win games. Members need an HQ where they can bond, play, and talk about strategies. Online meetings are good alternatives, but face-to-face interaction is still vital. For startups, a converted garage may be good enough. Pro players have their own apartments with common areas where they live and train.

Agree on a Training Schedule

Recruit players within the same area to make it easier to meet up in the HQ on a regular basis. This also helps the brand if you choose your geographic location. Everyone should agree on a training schedule which may have to be on the weekends and weekday nights if players are working or studying. Unfortunately, you may have to cut people who cannot make it during sessions.

Establish Online Presence

Create website and social media accounts for the team. Post about recruitment and tournament information on these platforms. Upload videos of the HQ to give fans a glimpse of the gamer life. Profile player profiles and statistics. Publish contact details so that others can reach you right away.

Compete with Others

Once you have achieved a good level of competence as a team, it’s time to test yourself through competition. Look for local tournaments and play as much as you can. The initial stages don’t have to be stellar. Find your strengths and weaknesses. Use these as opportunities to get better.

Get an Agent and Sponsorships

Once you get a string of wins and hit it big, you might want to get an agent to represent you during negotiations for sponsorships and other opportunities.


How To Start An eSports Team

eSports are taking the world by storm. It should be no surprise that digital competitions are becoming popular in an increasingly tech-driven...

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