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Get your sweat on with the Cubii Pro under desk elliptical on sale for $249

One of Amazon’s deals of the day today includes the Cubii Pro seated under-desk elliptical available in black or white for a low price of $249. We have seen this elliptical go on sale before, but the last time it dropped from its regular $350 price was way back in September. Today’s drop is a deal we have only seen a couple of times before, and since it’s a Deal of the Day you know it won’t last forever.

It’s almost the New Year, which means it’s time for New Year’s Resolutions that are most likely to involve getting back into shape. And, hey, you only have a few months until swimsuit season anyway. Might as well get started now! The Cubii Pro elliptical is a great way to get a little bit of exercise going on every day, even while you work or are stuck behind a desk for hours at a time.

The elliptical works nearly silently so you can take it into your office without disturbing your coworkers. That’s also great if you plan on watching TV or listening to music while you use it. You can get into shape without being distracted by the device helping you get there. It works like a mini exercise bike and helps you burn up to 125 calories per hour, which you can do even while engaged in other activities like reading a book or streaming some shows.

Since the device works with Bluetooth and can sync with your mobile apps, you can use it to track a lot of stuff, too. It syncs with both the iPhone and Android smartphones. It works with Fitbit, Apple Health Kit, and more third parties to help you track data like calories burnt, distance pedaled, and more. You can also set fitness goals and follow those goals to completion.

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