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From basic black to limited editions, here’s every PS4 controller


With Sony having gone well past 30 choices for controller color options, both in standard releases and limited editions, it can be hard to keep track of what is still available out there. Even finding a basic white second-generation controller can be difficult as colors are starting to be discontinued. Some of the limited edition controllers solely came in console bundles making pre-owned your only option, that is, short of buying a new console. But we have you covered; these are all the DualShock 4 controllers you can still get your hands on.

★ Lovely Limited

500 Million Limited Edition


The 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 controller was made to commemorate the sale of 500 million PlayStation consoles. This controller is quite possibly the most beautiful DualShock controller we will ever see. It features a deep translucent blue casing with complimentary rose gold lettering and PS button. It’s sold out at several retailers, but there is still stock available if you know where to look.

From $83 at Amazon

Standard Release Dualshock 4’s

Sweet Complements

Berry Blue


This color scheme is one of the more complementary color combos released by Sony. The teal and magenta of Berry Blue aren’t quite the color of blueberries and raspberries but more reminiscent of a blue raspberry slushie. No complaints, they are a very memorable set of colors and delicious too!

From $89 at Amazon
$65 at Walmart
$65 at GameStop

The Basic B

Jet Black


Here we have your basic black controller. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s what comes with the console, so there also isn’t anything special about it either. It’s just your standard tool to get the job done when you aren’t looking for any bells and whistles… or berries and slush.

$60 at Amazon
$65 at Walmart
$60 at Best Buy

Clean & Simple

Glacier White


To sum up this controller: clean, crisp, and paper white. Much like jet black, glacier white is a simple and clean monochromatic design. However, this one seems to be in low supply after the release of the white console, making it difficult to find new. Many stores are sold out, and many more can only offer them used.

$70 at Amazon
$65 at Walmart
$65 at Best Buy

Can you see it?

Green Camouflage


Here you have your standard camouflage green, found on everything from shirts to cars and even bandaids, and now it’s on game controllers too! I am not a huge fan, but it is a traditional camo that might be spot on for the hunter gamers out there.

$65 at Amazon
$65 at Walmart
$65 at Best Buy

Urban Army

Blue Camouflage


It’s funny how a simple change of color can alter how you see a print. With the cooler tones used in this camouflage, I quite enjoy the print. And it’s a nice change of pace having three colors instead of the usual two-tone controllers we see from Sony.

$58 at Amazon

Go Blue Barracudas

Wave Blue


Wave Blue is one of those shockingly-blue shades of blue. It’s pretty but can be overwhelming to some. Adding the black backing, buttons, and toggles breaks up the field of blue just enough that it isn’t oppressive. If you like blue, this might be a good option.

$54 at Amazon

Red Jaguars

Magma Red


Magma Red lives up to its name. The bright red front plate with a deeper shade on the backing bears comparison to the cooling edges of a lava flow. Not something I’d ever want to touch (the lava) but with the Magma Red you aren’t too far off from it if you are a fan of the color.

$65 at Amazon
$64 at Walmart
$65 at Best Buy

Metallic Master



Gold is a complicated shade to match, often leaning too far into the yellow pallet to look gold. However, Sony’s Gold controller breaks that pattern with the front plate being a lovely light yellow gold. But the back lacks the metallic tint. I much prefer the Gold import from Japan with a black backing.

$65 at Amazon
$63 at Walmart
$65 at Best Buy

Team Silver Snakes



The second shade in Sony’s line of metallic controllers is a touch less impressive than the gold. But, it is difficult to mess up silver. This controller is a great way to satisfy your need for shine when you aren’t that much a fan of gold. It has a beautiful shine without going over the top ornate.

From $50 at Amazon
$75 at Walmart

Orange Iguanas

Sunset Orange


Where Berry Blue gives you a sweet mix of complementary colors, Sunset Orange slaps you in the eyes with some bold contrast. By the rules of color theory, it’s technically a great pairing, but not everybody is a fan of opposing colors. Sadly, if you like orange, it’s your only real option for the color.

$80, Used at Amazon
$65 at GameStop

Crystal Clear-ish



A not quite crystal clear Crystal controller; But would we ever want a truly clear controller? The white translucent plating shows off enough of your controller’s electronic guts that it’s interesting to look at, but it isn’t so clear that smudges and fingerprints will get distracting.

$54 at Amazon
$79 at Walmart

Ruby Gem

Red Crystal


Red Crystal was distributed to Target as a store exclusive back in 2017. Since then third-party retailers have gotten their hands on these controllers, and you can find the rosey counterpart to Crystal all over the internet. Seeing the internal workings through the red is a touch more difficult than with the Crystal.

$90 at Walmart
$53, Used at GameStop

Kyanite Blue

Blue Crystal


Target has the red, and now it’s Walmart’s turn. This controller is the second half of the store-exclusive crystal controllers. It’s a pretty shade of translucent blue, and it was arguably the best of its kind when first released… but now we have the 500 Million with which to compare these controllers.

$53 Used at GameStop

Cold Rolled Stainless

Steel Black


The metallic controllers continue to shine for Sony. The dark metallic grey of Steel Black is quite possibly my favorite of the metallic line, though I honestly can’t tell the difference between this and the “Gunmetal” they used in the new Days of Play 2019 bundle. Are they the same?

$65 at Amazon
$65 at Walmart
$65 at Best Buy

Calm & Controlled

Midnight Blue


Living up to its namesake, Midnight Blue is a deep and calming shade of blue on the faceplate with a still dark night sky backing. The only thing that could make this controller any better would be if they added touches of gold for the arrows on the D-pad and the lettering to mimic stars.

$65 at Amazon
$64 at Walmart
$65 at Best Buy

Pretty Penny

Metallic Copper


Find a penny, pick it up. All-day long, you’ll have good luck. We can hope that rhyme includes this controller, which is inarguably a penny-like copper. And like the penny, this controller might be just as debatable. Keep it, don’t keep it, drop it in a random leave a penny take a penny dish?

$73 at Amazon
$83 at Walmart

Go Green Monkeys

Alpine Green


I can’t quite decide if I love this controller or I hate it. The jade, almost mermaid shade of green is beautiful but when you add in the stark white of the backing, buttons, and toggles all I can see is Gumby. Perhaps this is a great controller for those who didn’t grow up watching our little green clay friend.

$80 at Amazon
$53 Used at GameStop

Rose of a Different Color

Rose Gold


$65 at Amazon
$65 at Walmart
$65 at Best Buy

Rose Gold isn’t a color that shows up often for controllers, which makes this all the more special. There’s a matching headset though, so if this is your aesthetic, go for it.

This is Titanium

Titanium Blue


$80 at Amazon
$90 at Walmart

Want a lighter blue? Then this is the controller for you. I prefer darker colors, but for those who enjoy light tones in their electronics, this is a good choice.

Purple Parrots!

Electric Purple


$99 at Amazon
$88 at Walmart

Purple is royalty, and this controller really exemplifies that. While I’d have liked it to go a shade or two darker, this is a very clean design.

Concealed and Angry

Red Camo


$75 at Amazon
$65 at Walmart
$65 at Best Buy

Unlike the other recent additions, this is a very angry design. The red and black camo is a cool look, though it could be a bit distracting.

Limited editions and bundled controllers


20th Anniversary


Sony went for nostalgia on its 20th anniversary with the release of a limited edition console and controller bundle inspired by the first PlayStation. The light grey is a perfect match for the old console, and adding the old color block logo for the PS button was a nice touch.

$139 at Amazon

Subtle Pop

Call of Duty: Black Ops III


A Black Ops III controller that isn’t black threw me at first. But after taking a second look I quite like the medium grey, the pops of orange aren’t quite as harsh as they would have been on a black background. The subtle III branding is an excellent way to show off your CoD pride without being too overt.

$120 at Amazon

Distinct Shades

Call of Duty: WWII


That is some army green. There’s nothing else that comes to mind when you see this shade of green more than the Army does, and it is for that reason Sony picked it for this controller. Originally paired with a green camouflage console, this bundle was released for Call of Duty: WWII launch.

$65 Used at eBay

Secret Collector

Uncharted 4


With all of the Uncharted 4 branding in this limited edition bundle being on the console, all that is left is a beautiful steely blue-gray controller. The outside eye might not realize this was a limited edition, but it’s hard to complain when you have such an impressive controller in your hand.

$53 Used at GameStop

A long time ago

Star Wars Battlefront II


Star Wars Battlefront II’s PS4 Pro bundle was all about the Republic and Empire. The silver icons showed up both on the console and its controller. It was a bit repetitive if you had the bundle, but it’s the perfect amount for just the controller with one icon on each arm and Star Wars lightly printed across the touchpad.

From $409 Used bundle at Amazon

In a galaxy far far away

Darth Vader Edition


“No, I am your father.” Or… -it- is your father? The Darth Vader edition controller is just so Star Warsy without being in your face Star Warsy. The deep red, white and blue buttons look like they came straight out of one of the ships and they are set on a glossy black faceplate that is a perfect match for Vader’s helmet.

From $97 Used at Amazon

Did somebody say Palico?

Monster Hunter World


This is the Japanese version of the Monster Hunter World: Liolaeus edition. Luckily controllers aren’t region-locked because this is just about the most majestic controller I have ever seen. Even without being a massive fan of the Monster Hunter games myself, I would have loved getting my hands on this bundle.

From $105 Used at Amazon


God of War


The God of War bundle came with this simple controller branded with the title across the touchpad and a single symbol down one arm. This is the only limited edition controller I feel is stronger as a set with its console than it is on its own. God of War was such an intense game that this feels a little too weak.

$199 at Amazon

Silver again?

GT Sport


This is the third silver controller. It is so similar to the Silver and God of War controller that I had to look three times to see this has black buttons instead of grey and the face buttons have no color. On the fourth look, I’ve decided that even if this is the third silver controller, it feels cleaner than the first two.

$140 at AmazonJ

Your friendly neighbourhood

Marvel’s Spiderman


I am mildly disappointed that the only blue on this controller is the light bar. Without the blue, it doesn’t feel very Spiderman to me, or even very super-heroic. But on its own, it is a lovely shade of bright red, and the white buttons are an excellent variation to Magma Reds’ dark grey buttons.

From $400, Used bundle at Amazon


F.C. Football Club


Football, not American football, but proper everywhere else in the world of football! If you’re a football fan, or more so a FIFA and PES fan, this is designed for you. I can’t get over the fact they turned the touchpad into the penalty box. The speaker should have been boxed in white to be the gooooooal!

$85 at Amazon

The Light lives in all places

Destiny 2


Destiny 2 isn’t my game, but even I can admit this is an elegant controller. The gold on white with grey buttons instead of black gives it a soft, almost ethereal, look. I tend toward more subtle branding, but the typeface is a nice choice and small enough not to be distracting when using the touchpad.

$143 at eBay

It’s a boy!

Death Stranding


When this controller was announced, many memes and jokes were cracked, but it does a great job of staying on theme with its game. This controller was originally bundled in the Death Stranding PlayStation 4 bundle and is colored the same as the in-game pod that Norman Reedus’ Sam holds his bridge baby in. It also comes equipped with a sleek design on the touchpad for those who want to see the Death Stranding branding on it.

From $475 Used bundle at Amazon

Click click click!

Last of Us Part 2


For the die-hard fans of Ellie or perhaps those who have a budding interest in a cast of new characters, this Last of Us Part 2-themed controller has a nice understated monochromatic design. The title on the touchpad is a little overt in yelling your fandom but the fern and white buttons make for a classy touch.

$89 at Amazon

A Rainbow of Control

So many controllers from which to pick. The Steel Black is a nice choice if collectibles aren’t your thing and you just want a little more flash than Basic Black. I hope having all these controllers in one place makes it easier for you to find precisely what you are looking for.

Our favorite overall is the 500 Million with the dark translucent blue and rose gold lettering. But it all comes down to personal taste and how much you feel these controllers are worth. I am still using my first-generation Glacier White, and she will never be replaced, although she might get a shiny blue friend soon.

Happy hunting.


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