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Finding the Right Software (And what to Avoid)

Computers and software go hand in hand. One without the other is pointless, but together they create a very powerful tool that can help you perform a huge range of tasks including everything from accounting and data manipulation to photo and video editing.

The types of software that are available are improved year on year, with computers becoming much more powerful with a greater deal of processing power, speed and overall performance.

The different types of software

There are several different types of software that people all over the world use on a daily basis. System software is that which is installed onto computers and is also known as the operating system. Windows is probably the most famous type of system software and is something that most computers have used at some point.

System software usually comes with most computers, though you can also pick up units that don’t have any operating systems on them and where you can install the one of your choice. For example, some people like to work with Linux, while others are more than happy with the default version of Windows.

The other type is application software, which is software that has been developed for specific tasks, such as Photoshop for photo editing, and Excel for spreadsheets. These types of software are sometimes bundles with new computers, such as Microsoft office. However, more professional and specialized software, such as that developed by Adobe, is usually stand alone software that will actually cost you a fair amount of money.

Finding the right software

When it comes to software for a particular task, you’ll usually find different options available with different price ranges. There is software that is developed for professional use, such as  Adobe Premier, which is a professional and very powerful video editing suite.

This is certainly not something that you’d need to use if you want to piece together a small home video that you assembled over the holidays. For that kind of thing, you can find much easier to use software which is available at a much cheaper price. You can pop over to softwherediscounts and check out the various recommendations for software that might be useful for you.

The same applies for photo editing software. As mentioned earlier, the most famous software for this is Adobe’s Photoshop, which has been a staple piece of software for graphic designers and photographers for close to two decades. Again, this is an extremely powerful software that provides all the options a professional will need. For the average person who simply wants to resize a few images and fix the contrast, there are a number of cheaper alternatives.

Comparing your software options

As there are many different types of software available for similar tasks, it’s sometimes difficult to know which is the best one to go for. The price will always be a factor and the top software for each category will usually be the most expensive.

However, that doesn’t mean that the cheapest options are the poorest choice. You can pick up some fantastic pieces of software for next to nothing. Some are software that you need to download and install on your computer, while others are cloud based, which means that they operate online and can be accessible from anywhere.

There are a number of websites that you can visit where people share their experiences with using different releases of software. It’s well worth spending some time on sites like this as you can get some authentic and genuine feedback from people who have actually used the software. Maybe they will rave about it as being the best thing since sliced bread, or maybe they’ll warn you off using it as it’s very buggy and has a lot of problems.

If you are planning to spend a fair amount on a piece of software, you’ll want to make sure that it’s upto the task that you want it for. Purchasing it and then realizing it’s not what you want is not going to be much fun, and in most cases, you won’t be able to return it and get a refund.

What to watch out for

When it comes to downloading software, though you may find it tempting to download cracked versions, which mean that they have been hacked into and no longer require any online registration or codes to be entered, such software is very dangerous and could be filled with malware or viruses. It’s best to buy a genuine version of the software you want, rather than using an illegal copy.

For downloads, it’s best to stick to well known websites, such as those run by the actual software developers, or other sites such as CNET Download, which is one of the most known and safest.


Finding the Right Software (And what to Avoid)

Computers and software go hand in hand. One without the other is pointless, but together they create a very powerful tool that...

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JOMISE K7 Dash Cam review

There are plenty of good reasons for people to have a dash cam these days. For one, it can help prove fault in an accident. Or maybe you need to show the officer that you definitely did not run that red light. Whatever the use case, you’ll want one that will actually take a good video. After all a camera isn’t much help if the output is grainy or pixelated.Here, we take a look at a dash camera from JOMISE, a relatively unknown brand who sells its wares through Amazon. How does it fare in our testing? Read on for our review of the JOMISE K7 Dash Cam.JOMISE K7The JOMISE K7 1600P Dash Cam promises a resolution of 2,560 x 1, 600P @30fps or 1,920 x 1080P @60fps. Having that 60fps at full HD can come in handy if someone needs to slow the footage down. There are also other features of this device that can prove convenient, including built-in GPS, G-Sensor, and Loop Recording. The GPS, for its part, will embed your driving location, speed, time and date into the video file. If the G-Sensor detects an impact to the vehicle it will actually lock the video and save it into a separate folder so it’s not accidentally overwritten should the camera be set in Loop Recording. This will be useful if you have to go to court as the result of an accident.Green Light ReminderThere are other features and reminders which can be helpful in your day-to-day lifestyle, too. A built-in “green light reminder” will remind you that the stoplight has turned green, prompting you to snap out of a daze. This function has been hit or miss for me as I found it works much more reliably at night time. In fact, it almost doesn’t function at all in bright sunlight. This feature isn’t a deal breaker, to me and I assume no one would need to consistently rely on it.Front car move reminderAnother one of these types of reminders is the “front car move” reminder. I’m honestly not sure if this works less reliably than the green light reminder or if I’m just not giving it enough time to kick in. It seems a bit hit-or-miss thus far. I will add anecdotally that one day I was trying to locate my Covid mask at a stop light. I happened to be too far for the green light reminder to work, however, the camera did prompt me to keep up with the car in front of me. SensorsThankfully, I haven’t had to find out if the G Sensor works well or not. Outside of saving the video file in case of an accident, it can also “monitor” your vehicle in a way. For instance, if it detects someone attempting to steal your vehicle, it will turn the camera on and record the sound. Like I said, this is something I didn’t have to find out if it works or not, and I’m very thankful for that fact. I’m fairly comfortable with the “just trust me, bro” approach on this one.AppIn order to get everything set up you’ll have to go through the installation process in a mobile app. This was my least favorite part of the overall experience. For some reason it uses Wi-Fi to sync with the dash cam and that’s kind of a pain. The instructions aren’t super helpful, either. What you’ll need to do is make sure you’re in a good coverage area for data because you will need to go to a website to sync your cam with your app. In short, you’ll download the app and power on the cam. Then, you’ll get a QR code which will take you to a website and ask for a code on the device. Once it’s synced, you actually have to physically ‘add’ it to the app. When you realize this is what you have to do it’s pretty straightforward; I was stuck for about 10 minutes wondering why I couldn’t see any of the settings to the dash cam. Personally I would have liked to see Bluetooth in here.Video QualityOverall I would say the video quality is actually quite good. In bright daylight things tend to get blown out, which is totally understandable considering the size of the sensor in this thing. Night time video was surprisingly good. Everything was a lot more clear and not as noisy as I expected it to be. Overall, I think video quality here justifies the price tag.Parting ThoughtsWith all the features and, in my opinion, excellent night time video the JOMISE K7 dash cam is definitely something I would recommend buying if you’re in the market for a good dash cam. Having all the information it includes on the video file is reason enough. You can buy yours at Amazon and if you use the coupon code 8HN286QR at checkout before the end of 2020, it will bring your total down to $139.99 (from $199.99). Hurry, the coupon code is only valid until 12/31/2020!