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Everything you need to know about RASP

Developers across the world are struggling hard to safeguard the apps from various online threats. The nature of attacks has become very complex in recent years and it is a huge challenge for the developer community to fix the vulnerabilities in the apps. This has put a tremendous pressure on the developer community as they have to now deal with securing the apps from complex attacks. In this situation, you will benefit a lot by choosing the runtime application self-protection architecture.

The biggest advantage of choosing this technology is that you will be able to identify the attacks as soon as they happen in real time. There is no need to wait for the damage to be done in order to assess the nature of the attacks. The security program is smart enough to block malicious requests and it can immediately alert you about such attacks. In this way, you can take suitable precautions and safeguard your app data as well as user data.

How this technology works in your mobile app?

Many developers focus on security programs that analyze the threats after some damage is done to the app. It is not possible to identify the threats in real time and immediately alert the concerned authorities managing the app. However, when you choose to use the real time monitoring system, you will be able to get quick insights into the attacks and also prevent such attacks in the long run. As the security program stays inside your app, it is able to work in a different way when compared to the conventional security programs. It is also cost effective when compared to other options that need manual scrutiny on a regular basis. This program stays inside the app and works effectively to prevent various attacks in a cost effective manner.

What developers can do in this situation?

The basic thing why security applications fail is because of lack of understanding of the threats by the developing community. Many developers focus on improving the user experience and think about making their app popular in the market. However, such things will not give complete results when the security of the app is vulnerable to external threats. In recent years, the nature of attacks have become very complex and hackers are able to crack even the best apps in the market. Given the situation, it makes a lot of sense to know more about the complicated nature of attacks in different environments.

The developers usually lack the skill in different programming environments and this is also another reason for the failure of security applications in the app. Most of the security applications think about resolving the problem rather than preventing them in the first place. In many cases, it may be too late and the damage may be done in a matter of a few minutes if you are not alert about the external threats.

The threat can come from any source and it can affect the way your app works on different platforms. You need a protection system that can identify the threats in real time. Most of the attacks focus on grabbing your user data without raising any suspicion. The attack may continue for several days and weeks till it is noticed by the security programs. If you are dependent on manual scrutiny of the threats, it can become a huge task to identify all the attacks that may happen on your mobile application. In this situation, your user data becomes vulnerable to multiple attacks and there is a big risk of losing your credibility in the market.

Apart from that, the attackers may even focus on grabbing your source code for altering them in such a manner that it provides them easy access in future. If this happens, you will lose control of your apps in the long run and there is no way you can survive in the market with such security vulnerabilities.

Is there any risk of the apps slowing down?

Many people wonder if the security programs may interfere with the normal functioning of the app and decrease the performance in the long run. However, when you choose the right RASP security solutions from reputed service providers, you need not worry about anything as security programs are very light. They do not consume much resources and still can manage to monitor all the data in real time. As the security program stays inside the app, it becomes easy for the program to monitor the data and alert you as soon as any threat is noticed by the program.

What options do I have to handle those threats?

Once the threats have been identified by the security program, you will have multiple options. The first thing you can do is to completely block the user session so that the malicious programs are not able to affect your app in future. If this is not a viable solution, you can choose the option to get manual alerts and look into temporarily terminating the user session as soon as you notice a malicious request.

Apart from that, you can also allow the request to continue on your app and reroute the request to a separate location. This is an effective strategy when you want to monitor the nature of attacks and it can give you a complete idea about how the attackers are planning to take over your app. It can be a good learning experience for your developers and they will be able to fix the vulnerabilities in the app in future. However, if you do not have the technical expertise or the resource to handle such attacks in real time, it is always a good idea to choose the default option of blocking such requests as soon as they are detected by the security program.

This is the best way to handle the security of mobile apps. There is no way you can compromise on this aspect of running your app. Fixing the security vulnerabilities will give you an edge over your competitors in the market.


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