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Artie 3000 The Coding Robot is on sale for $41 and can help your kids learn

Educational Insights’ Artie 3000 The Coding Robot has dropped in price to $41.19. This is even better than a deal we shared a couple months ago, and it’s way better than the robot’s regular $55 price. It has been fluctuating a lot in price since the holidays hit, which is natural for popular toys, but it has never gone this low before. This is a great STEM toy designed for kids at least seven years old and would make a great gift for the Christmas season.

Coding and learning to use computers is about as core a learning experience for kids these days as anything else. Get your kid started off right with a STEM toy like Artie 3000 that teaches coding in a fun way. With Artie 3000, you’ll design the code and the robot will draw the lines. There are pre-programmed designs so beginners can start learning right away.

Artie 3000 does require a tablet, phone, or computer that it obviously doesn’t come with. (If you’re looking for a laptop to go with this toy, we’ve seen some great ones on sale recently.) You will use this device to control the toy and work with the designs and programs. It has a built-in Wi-Fi server so it doesn’t require internet to use or a direct connection.

This is a great toy for beginners but it can be used by advanced coders, too. It has a simple setup, but you can continue expanding what’s available by downloading new stuff from the Artie 3000 website. This is a great way to keep expanding your skills and adding new things to learn.

So you’ll get the Artie 3000 robot, four washable markers, a quick start guide, and activity cards. It has some pre-coded designs and apps. It does require four AA batteries that it doesn’t come with, so you may want to stock up on those if you don’t have.


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