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Modern Technologies for Vaping

Vaping experience is what has changed the world. In fact, vaping was a tremendous change in the worlds of both smokers and non-smokers. It provides the users with plenty of opportunities and is constantly developing. And this is the main attraction. Smoking is an awfully traditional and frozen practice. One can hardly find something new in it nowadays. However, talking about vaping, novelties are popping out like mushrooms in the rain.

Having no intention to put you in agony of suspense, we start looking into these novelties right now. Whereas cig-a-likes, vape mods, and pod vapes are a part of history nowadays, dry herb vape pens, hemp oil, nicotine salts are ones of the novelties that vapers are trying to fit in their routine. However, the vaping industry develops not only products but also technology, which is a wise decision. Products diversity will hit the ceiling one day but technology will be developing with the human evolution.

  • Pod   Systems

These systems are in great request now. The old school vapers might still use vape pens or mods. However, recent vaping news (https://vapingdaily.com/news/) claim that the greatest part of vapers have switched to this new technology. Even 510 thread batteries are passing into history. A pod system endear users because they are laconic and neat. One can use pod systems discreetly no matter where they are.

For sure, pod systems have not been this popular at once. However, nothing happens off hand. Exploring vaping news for some period will show that pod systems are innovative devices which were worked on for a couple of years. The main objectives which were reached include eliminating leakage, reduced air flow loss, and improvement in mouthpiece construction.

Other benefits of pod systems include a wider range of charging opportunities. One can charge them in the car, at the office, or at home using universal usb port, which can be found around the world. In addition, many pod systems are fitted out with quick-charging technologies, which cuts down your usual time and energy expenses, which is extremely important nowadays.

  • Bluetooth

This technology seems to be as old as the hills. However, vaping devices using Bluetooth technology is the recent novelty that could be found among other vaping news. In fact, the apps that allow tracking the amount, time, and dosage of consumed vapour, nicotine, and other substances used to be manually regulated, which, therefore, was not much different from putting the data down into your notebook except for automatic calculations.

Bluetooth-enabled vaping devices suggest an automatic connection between your vaping device and other electronic device like smartphone, which makes them cooperate without your participation. The only thing that the user can do is monitor the data and apply it for handling their own vaping habits according to their objectives and health. In addition, one can lock the device so that in case of theft other people can’t use one’s device.

Moreover, having a vaping device connected to one’s smartphone simplifies the maintenance of the device. Once the liquid tank gets almost empty, a special application will inform the owner, and he or she will have the opportunity to refill the tank before he or she loses access to vaping activity. To sum up, joining two well-known technologies together broadens the user’s experience in both of them. Bluetooth technology makes vaping practices more user-friendly and enables better control over them.

  • Voice          Control

One of the greatest innovation described in all pieces of recent vaping news tells vapers about the great opportunity to administer vaping devices orally without any additional movements. Great way in the era of pandemic! This function was never present in any generation of vaping devices before. The only drawback is larger size of the device because voice recognition technology needs some additional hardware to be installed into vaping device.

This technology allows you to control the device just by power of your word similar to the way one controls Alexa, Siri, or other technology. Vaping devices possessing this technology interpret the owner’s speaking and run the commands. These commands might be applied to power control, wattage and voltage change, temperature adjustments, light control, and some other functions peculiar to a certain device. Smart technology for smart vapers.

Latest Advances in Vaping Products

In addition to direct functional advancements as Bluetooth or Voice Recognition technologies, there are some other technical advancements, which improve users’ vaping experience. The newest the product is, the more qualified engineers were involved to design it and the more mistakes of previous generations are redeemed.

  • Nickel Wiring

The development of atomisers with nickel or titanium wires was on recent vaping news. The direct benefits of this technology include production of thicker vapour and enhancing flavours. The ability to intensify certain flavour was one of the main goals of the vaping industry. People wanted less nicotine smell and more, say, strawberry or coffee taste.

  • Organic Cotton Coil

The key point of their use is lack of bleaches. Organic cotton coil does not contain impurities and that is why their popularity on the market increases. The other reason for this is the longer life of vaping devices, which helps to safe user’s money and to avoid the agony of choosing the new device. In addition, this technology satisfies the wishes of eco-friendly people because it uses no chemicals, no colorant, and no bleaches. Moreover, the coil is renewable.

  • LCD and OLED Display

Vaping devices become a bit more than a one-button appliance. Now it makes the user more independent in his or her decisions as for the device. For instance, the user does not need to check the tank all the time. One can simply check the display and get all the information about charge, tank fullness, and other parameters. In addition, the user can adjust settings according to his or her personal needs.


Vaping history is contradictory and often much criticised by experts in this and that field. However, one can hardly claim that it does not make its best to progress and cater to users’ needs. New creative ideas along with technological studies grow up into great results, which sometimes are ones of the greatest discoveries of the century.

The dream of each vaper and vaping industry member is to get the device which will be not just harmless but also somehow useful for both humanity and the environment. They also aim at being profitable as this is business for many. No matter if one likes vaping or not, one should admit that the industry is doing its best, and the recent vaping news confirms this the most accurately.



Modern Technologies for Vaping Vaping experience is what has changed the world. In fact, vaping was a tremendous change...

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