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The Most Efficient Way to Use Valet Parking Services

Valet parking has begun to spread from the hospitality industry into more and more spaces. Unlike regular “self-parking,” where customers get a parking spot on their own, car-service clients’ cars are parked by a valet, often in a specifically designated portion of a parking lot or structure. It’s a relatively quick service and typically has its own set of guidelines you (a customer) have to know before you enjoy the services offered by the valet.

If you happen to be visiting an establishment that offers valet parking, it helps to have an idea of how best to use it beforehand.

So here are a few ways to make the most out of valet parking services:

  1. Know What the Service Entails

If you intend on using valet parking beforehand, it’s important to know all that the service entails beforehand to better prepare for it.

 Some car-service companies also offer security to their clients, including surveillance cameras, alarms, or alarms to alert customers if the valets fail to do the task. Some establishments also provide additional services like cleaning the car, providing additional transportation to clients who need assistance, or assisting with shopping, if needed.

The type of company offering these services are also different, with a few requiring little efforts and others requiring a considerable amount of time and effort on the part of the valet. A valeting company, in most cases, requires both the client and the valet to participate in the arrangement and may also be customized depending on the establishment and the needs of the customers, but the basic structure is still the same. Some establishments also charge more than other establishments because of the valet parking solutions that are provided.

  • Prepare Your Car

Not only does this show class and courtesy, but making your car presentable beforehand also helps improve the experience of the person who’d be driving your car. So, pick up any garbage lying around, sweep out your car floors, and clean all its surfaces. If your car is extremely dirty, be sure to take it to a professional cleaning service for a car wash.

In line with the general mechanics and working of the car, be sure all things are in order. Before handing off your vehicle, take note of any previously damaged parts of your car and be sure to effectively communicate to the person who’d be driving your vehicle.

Also, be sure to isolate your car key. If you happen to have other keys attached to your car key, disconnecting them before passing on a huge bunch to your valet makes it more convenient.

And lastly, it’s best to rid your vehicle of any valuable or personal items. Even though valet parking is a classy service involving professionals, there’s no point leaving unnecessary items at the risk of being stolen or damaged.

  • Be Early

You should always park with the valeting service at least fifteen minutes before you park. At the beginning of each day, you should arrive a few minutes early as this will give the valeting service time to set the car in the proper spot for valeting. You should also arrive early enough that they can get the car parked for the time that you’re expected to arrive.

When racing to catch a flight and parking your car in an airport, you should never leave your car unlocked or unattended. When the valeting service arrives, your car should already be locked up and in its proper place. If your car was left unattended, the valeting service will contact you to make sure the car is still safe. If you were to leave your vehicle unattended, it could easily become vandalized or broken into, and you wouldn’t have to pay the fees that go along with vandalized or broken cars.

When you park in a hotel, you will be required to use a specific system to unlock and open your doors. Be sure to use a valet parking service like CVPS that’s knowledgeable in the terms that come with parking your car in different locations.

  • Tip Generously

Tipping your valet is an important part of the service etiquette. It shows that you value the work and effort put into running the service and it’s an encouraging way to ensure your valet takes extra care of your ride.

Prepare a few dollar bills beforehand and make sure you’re paying to the one who’d be driving your car specifically.


Valet parking has its own set of quirks that you as a client should know before you go ahead and enjoy the service. However, if you pay close attention to these quirks and are willing to put in the effort to overcome them, then you will have a wonderful experience.


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