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Home News Save up to 30% and secure your home with August Smart Locks...

Save up to 30% and secure your home with August Smart Locks today only

Grab the 3rd-gen August Smart Lock or Smart Lock Pro on sale for $149.99 apiece at Amazon today. This is part of Amazon’s “Holiday Dash” deals event, so the price is only good for today. The Smart Lock Pro has been selling for around $225 recently, and we haven’t seen it go this low since it dropped to $140 back in April.

The August Smart Lock Pro is a fantastic smart lock that is near the top of most smart lock lists, including our own, thanks to its ease of use, advanced functionality, and more. One really great aspect of this lock is that it doesn’t require a complicated install. Depending on which version you get, one simply replaces your existing deadbolt and the other just sits on top of your current single deadbolt, and you can even still use the keys you have now after it’s installed. The whole thing takes 10 minutes and a screwdriver.

Once installed, you’ll be able to download the August app on your smartphone and monitor all sorts of things about the lock. Check on your door and make sure it’s locked or unlock it from a distance. You’ll be able to control keyless access and keep track of who comes and goes.

So here’s a couple of things I’ve done with mine that really show how convenient this smart lock can be. THe first thing is I set it up to automatically lock the door when it’s been unlocked for a few minutes. That really gives you piece of mind knowing the door will always be locked when not in use. The second thing is I set it up to automatically unlock for my wife when she comes home from work. She never has to get out her phone or manually unlock the door, which can be helpful if her hands are full. Plus the notification I get lets me know when she’s home so I can help with groceries, our son, or whatever else she’s bringing with her.

Use the included Connect Wi-Fi Bridge to connect the smart lock to your smart home, too. This way you can use the app even when you’re at work to monitor the door. You can control it with your voice using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. Tell your voice assistant to lock the door when you forget.

Install the DoorSense sensor, and it will let you know when the door is completely closed and locked. Plus you can set it up to lock automatically so you never forget. August is also one of the few smart locks that can work with Z-Wave Plus products.


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