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Play as you travel. How to connect your PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi


Setting up your console in hotel Wi-Fi can be a pain as there are extra steps to take to get past the hotel sign in. We will take you through the steps to get your PS4 up and running as easily as possible on hotel Wi-Fi.

How to connect your PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi

Connect your PlayStation 4 to the hotel TV.
Turn on your PS4.
Scroll over to the settings and press X to select the Toolbox icon.
Scroll down and select Network in the options.
Select the Set Up Internet Connection option in this menu.
Choose the Use WiFI option on the screen.

Select the Easy option. You can do custom if you know the details but the easy option is, well, easier.


Select the name of your hotel Wi-Fi. This can usually be found on the package that holds your keys.
After the PlayStation has gone through its business it will show that the internet settings have been saved. From here select the Test Internet Connection button.

When the internet connection check says failed, don’t panic! Select the Details option to fix it.


Select the Suggested Actions button to move forward.

Now you should select the View Status of the PlayStation Network Services button to access a web browser window.


It may tell you that the security of the page cannot be verified. If it does just select Yes to move on to the next page.

You will now see a browser window with the sign-in for your hotel. Just input The Details it asks of you and press connect.


Once that has connected press the Back button twice to get back to the network screen.
Scroll down to, and select Test Internet Connection to re-check if what you did worked.

If everything worked as it should you see this screen saying successful all across the board.


Despite this being a little convoluted, it isn’t all that difficult. You can be set up for a gaming session in very short order even from your hotel room.

Of course, hotel Wi-Fi is notoriously bad so you may not get a great connection at all times, but something is always better than nothing.

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