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Most Common Solutions an External SSD Provides

People sometimes opt against buying certain devices because their processors and storage capacities are too low. Even though external SSDs exist, many think that they are not as good as internal hard drives. However, they both access and store data for long-term use. External SSDs send and receive data, just like flash drives, through a grid of electrical cells.

External SSDs are extremely flexible and fast because they work without spinning platters or moving arms, which is why they are so quiet as well. With an external hard drive, your device and applications will run smoothly without lagging. In the guide below, we are going to demonstrate how they can be used with multiple devices to deliver different solutions.

Video Editing

Professors teaching digital media courses often require their students to get an SSD drive to bring their work to class and then finish it outside of the session. They are also essential for those who work in video editing because they need to take their videos with them and work on the go, which is also often the case for those who use AutoCAD or Photoshop. It is a lot easier to carry around a drive instead of a personal computer. The beauty of external drives is that they can be easily connected to the projector to showcase your work.

Primary Hard Drive

You can replace your internal hard drive with an external SSD, and use it as your primary drive. You can install and save all of your applications, data, and operating system directly on it. That way, your computer will boot in a matter of seconds. However, the tech-gurus at GigMocha.com recommend doing a little research before purchasing a drive to make sure you get a high-quality one that is compatible with your device. Low-quality hard drives will provide poor performance and break down over time. Moreover,  your SSD drive is bound to experience a lot of bumps, shakes, and vibrations as you carry it around, so if it is not rugged, you can kiss your data goodbye.

Even though SSD drives are quite durable, they may still malfunction after a prolonged period. This is because the NAND flash, which is a non-volatile memory that retains data without power, can tolerate only a certain number of reading/writing cycles. The data gets stored and erased by the electrons that move through an insulator, which wears out over time. Keep in mind that the number of cycles varies depending on the brand of the drive.


When it comes to gaming, SSD drives are extremely useful and can store as many games as you want. Since games are sometimes expensive, gamers tend to borrow them from each other to lower their expenses, which is why they need a durable drive with large memory to transfer thousands of megabytes.

Furthermore, SSD drives can improve the graphics and speed up the loading time if they are used to operate the games directly. This means that you can plug it into the PlayStation or your personal computer and start playing right away.

Data Backup

In case you need to store important data that takes up a lot of space, an external SSD can be the most reliable and secure solution. You can use it to back up your computer so you don’t have to worry about losing your life’s work. But, you need to make sure that you don’t plug it into an unsecured device to protect it against malware that can erase or corrupt your data. You should also check the storage capacity you need before buying one to avoid having to buy multiple ones.

Multi-Tasking Properties

Most people worry that they may be unable to perform multiple tasks at the same time when using an SSD. However, because they are quite fast and flexible, SSDs allow you to perform background tasks while uploading a file at the same time. They won’t tie up your computer or hold you back, which is a great quality if you have other assignments to attend to.

External SSDs are a necessity for those who have important or sensitive data that we want to store safely. They are fast, durable, reliable, and flexible, which is why you should invest in one, even if you have enough storage in your internal hard drive. You can directly plug it into any computer, projector, or PlayStation, and save yourself the time you used to waste while waiting for the applications to launch or your PC to upgrade.