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How Artificial Intelligence Is Enhancing Mobile App Technology

Artificial Intelligence is the technology that makes machines think, analyse and take decisions like humans; no matter what field, vertical or industry. It infact is the umbrella technology that inculcates concepts of other futuristic technologies like Machine Learning and Deep Learning as well. So when mobile apps inculcate chess and poker games that include moves and decisions that compete with and defeat humans or when mobile apps include chatbots answering human queries; it is all parts and parcels of Artificial Intelligence.

As per statista reports, in 2019, funding for AI startups amounted to 24 billion U.S. dollars worldwide, a more than tenfold increase from 2013.

With easy and cost-effective artificial intelligence deployability available through clouds, it is being strategized and employed by mostly all businesses. Nearly 83% of organizations these days intend to target their customers through AI. Thus, when you as a visionary app or business owner, strategize on how to turn an app idea into reality, you should intend to choose and employ app developers who are well versed in this technology.

Artificial intelligence can make any and all mobile apps smart

Let us now analyze ways in which it can help you in your mobile app development too:

  1. Better Customer and Market Analysis: Almost every website, app and other iOT enabled devices track and record user trends. There is an immense amount of data being collected every minute that can help understand user behavior and expectations. Artificial Intelligence can sort through this data to provide the exact mobile app users to target through a mobile app for downloads and sales.

Artificial Intelligence also helps app owners to get a clear view of what their customers want in terms of engagement and app utilities. So, when you launch and market your mobile app; it will be much smarter in terms of customer understanding and target marketing.

  1. Creating Personalized User Experiences: Not only before or during launch, you can also track user data using Mobile apps after they are downloaded. In fact, after downloading,  AI in android developments as well as iOS developments enables apps to continuously access user choices, their locations, expectations and engagement with apps in real time. They can even monitor app’s interactive and un-interactive parts. This data can be analyzed by algorithms to easily help you in:
  1. Sending notifications as per user locations.
  2. Send in-store offers as per their locations.
  3. Sending the user content customized as per their requirements. For instance, if an app user has searched for ‘leather shoes’ elsewhere; your app may also provide notifications and listings to the user for the same, if they too sell shoes.
  4. Avoiding overload of data sent to the users that might slow down the app.

The use and viability of the concept has been such that personalized content is now touted as the future of mobile app developments the world over. For Instance, Gaming apps utilize Artificial intelligence with futuristic technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to deliver games that not only connect with the user; but also let the user become part of them in 3-d.

  1. Super Advanced Searches: Artificial Intelligence is empowering mobile apps with a highly advanced form of searching, wherein exact search results are displayed within seconds. Take for instance, the netflix app experience. A high point for this highly successful mobile app, is its easy and fast searchability. Apart, from simple text searches AI with the help of Natural Language Processing inclusions, enables voice and audio searches.  Google Home and Alexa searches are also examples of similar advanced AI enabled searchability.
  1. Chatbots: Chatbots are basically software solutions that enable human-like conversations from machines. They are slowly but definitely taking over the customer support domain and are elevating the mobile app user experience a notch higher. Since they can help understand and analyze user issues from the mobile app, without any time or speed glitches as well as help them get resolved in real-time; chatbots tend to enhance the overall sales and loyalty of clients towards a mobile app. The engageability and interactivity that it can provide a mobile app, is invaluable to businesses all over.
  1. Generating a safer app experience: Mobile apps track user data all over and this data is being increasingly used by hackers and other unscrupulous entities to hack into user smartphones and engage in illegal and unethical activities. With most of the banking systems now going mobile, this is a huge cybersecurity issue nowadays. Artificial Intelligence can be used by mobile app developers to develop safer app experiences. AI2 is an AI based platform, developed by MIT that claims to predict cyber attacks.

            Apart from helping in market research, the user activities can be utilized by AI based algorithms to track user behavior and thus, cybervulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can help mobile app developers to include steps and coding beforehand in order, to save their users and customers from future cyberattacks. The effect and utility of the technology can well be analysed from the fact that it has been helping Gmail to block close to 100million spam in a day and Google has been using Deep Learning AI enabled security features in its Cloud Video Intelligence Platform.

            Since its market launch in 2017 by Apple, the face lock feature (another AI based application) is one of the most widely and effectively used smartphone security features all across the globe. It helps save user data, even when a phone gets stolen.

  1. AI based Mobile App Ideas: Apps are getting smarter by the day. This is mainly due to the smarter app ideas and app owners who are developing them. Many Artificial Intelligence based concepts are being developed as mobile app solutions that deliver customized services. For Instance, as an example of its usage in the health industry, BillyScreen uses AI and ML tools, computer vision algorithms and smart cameras to detect increased levels of bilirubin in the white part of the human eye as well as other body issues like pancreatic cancer.

Though in the initial stages of development, these ideas are gaining momentum with the mobile app developers as well.

Artificial Intelligence is here to Stay

Artificial Intelligence is all not good. Though it is making machines smart, critics predict that the over development and overuse of these machines shall actually render lots of people jobless. Though a small percentage, but there are people who are not in favor of high AI usage. But, accept it or not; the way humankind and its technologies are progressing, Artificial Technology shall soon be a part of all our mobile apps and in fact most of our lifestyle aspects. So, using it ethically and finding your way around it in a meaningful and purposeful manner is the only way out.

Author bio – Andrea Laura is a very creative writer and active contributor who love to share informative news or updates on various topics and brings great information to her readers. Being writing as her hobby, Andrea has come out with many interesting topics and information that attracts readers to unravel her write-up. Her content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs.


How Artificial Intelligence Is Enhancing Mobile App Technology

Artificial Intelligence is the technology that makes machines think, analyse and take decisions like humans; no matter what field, vertical or industry....

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