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Home News Have you gotten the November 2020 security patch?

Have you gotten the November 2020 security patch?

Chatting with the AC forums.


November is upon us, and as it happens with every new month, it’s time for another monthly security patch. Google began rolling out the November 2020 patch yesterday, November 2, with the usual assortment of bug and vulnerability fixes.

Security patches aren’t the most exciting thing to talk about, yet they’re critical in ensuring our devices’ safety as time goes on. You may not see any user-facing changes, but things are constantly improving behind-the-scenes to make your phone as good as can be.

Taking a look through the AC forums, a lot of our members are already rocking this latest update.

11-02-2020 02:07 PM



11-02-2020 03:02 PM

Getting it now – 21.42 MB


11-02-2020 03:12 PM

Just received my Nov update via OTA.


11-02-2020 03:25 PM

Received the November update on my unlocked S10+ on AT&T this morning.


What about you? Have you gotten the November 2020 security patch?

Join the conversation in the forums!


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