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Get a screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

If you recently got your hands on the new Galaxy Watch 3, you want to make sure that it’s properly protected. Accidents happen, but a screen protector will keep your investment safe, sound, as well as scratch and scuff-free. Not sure which is the most trustworthy option to protect your Galaxy Watch 3? Check out the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 screen protectors list below!

Perfection at its finest

Suoman Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Screen Protector (4-Pack)


Staff Pick

You’ll never have to worry about achieving the perfect fit with this screen protector from Suoman. You get 4 in a pack, and it’s available for both sizes. It’s made of 9H hardness glass that is guaranteed to protect your screen from accidental scuffs and scratches. It comes with a wet cloth, dry cloth, and dust removal stickers.

$7 at Amazon (45mm)
$7 at Amazon (41mm)

Waterproof protection

Aresh Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Screen Protector (3-Pack)


If you bought the 41mm version of the Galaxy Watch 3, you’ll appreciate this 3-pack of Aresh screen protectors. You’ll enjoy high-definition transparency for a crystal clear viewing experience. The waterproof material is resistant to sweat, fingerprints, and bubbles. Simply wipe the surface clean, and it’s good as new!

$7 at Amazon (45mm)
$7 at Amazon (41mm)

Full-coverage protection

Tensea Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Screen Protector (2+2 Pack)


If you want full-coverage protection that leaves no area vulnerable to damage, you’ll appreciate this combo back from Tensea. It’s available for both the 41mm and 45mm models. Your pack includes two tempered glass screen protectors as well as two bumper covers to protect the outer edges of your watch.

From $9 at Amazon

Ultra-thin durability

WRJ for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Screen Protector (4-Pack)


If you want the most durable option possible, look no further than the WRJ screen protectors for the Galaxy Watch 3. The 9H hardness protects your watch from high impact, scratches, and other damage. Fortunately, this screen protector fits both sizes and is both thin and durable. The ultra-thin 0.33mm thickness allows for a smooth, natural feel.

$6 at Amazon (45mm)
$6 at Amazon (41mm)

Bubble-free application

PULEN Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Screen Protector (4-Pack)


It can be hard to find a screen protector for your Galaxy Watch 3 that doesn’t have pesky bubbles after you apply it. Luckily, that’s never an issue with this 4-pack from PULEN. The bubble-free adhesives provide easy installation. Best of all? You won’t have any nasty residue left on your watch when you remove your screen protector.

$5 at Amazon (45mm)
$6 at Amazon (41mm)

Comfy curves

Orzero Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Screen Protector (5-Pack)


Want rounded edges that fit perfectly on your wearable? The Orzero screen protectors are perfect and they’re available for both sizes. The rounded edges provide comfort for your fingers while still offering 99% high-definition clarity. You get five screen protectors in this pack along with a dust remover, screen wipe, and lint-free dry cloth.

$8 at Amazon (45mm)
$6 at Amazon (41mm)

Flawless precision

Spigen Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Screen Protector (2-Pack)


Are you tired of installing screen protectors and just barely missing the mark? The good news is that these Spigen Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 screen protectors come with a clever auto-alignment installation kit, so you’ll always get it right the first time. The tempered glass offers 9H hardness and seamless touch responsiveness.

$12 at Amazon (45mm)
$12 at Amazon (41mm)

Maximum coverage

OMOTON Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Screen Protector (6-Pack)


When it’s maximum coverage you’re after, you’ll be in good hands with the OMOTON screen protectors that are available for both sizes. No hard objects can harm your watch, thanks to the 9H hardness that is designed to withstand unwanted scuffs and scratches. You’ll have easy instructions and an installation video for a smooth application.

$5 at Amazon (45mm)
$7 at Amazon (41mm)

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Screen Protectors How to choose

Proper protection for your smartwatch is important. Whether you’re sporting the 41mm or 45mm Galaxy Watch 3, there are plenty of different screen protector options to choose from. You’ll be happy to know they all come in multi-packs, so you’ll always have a spare available. The Suoman Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Screen Protector is ideal when you’re looking for that perfect fit without any gaps. Not to mention that it comes with a wet/dry cloth as well as dust removal stickers, so your screen will be looking flawless in no time.

The OMOTON Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Screen Protector boasts maximum coverage that protects the entire surface of your screen from scuffs and scratches. It’s worth noting that you get six screen protectors in this pack, which is an unbeatable deal for the price. If you’re concerned about protecting your screen as well as the outer areas of your watch, you’ll love the Tensea Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Screen Protector. You get two screen protectors and two bumpers to keep all of the key areas protected from damage.

The good news is that any of these screen protectors will give you peace of mind while preserving the pristine state of your new Galaxy Watch 3. As long as you make sure you choose the right size for your model, you’ll be on your way to keeping your watch protected from damage.

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