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Home News Discover your origins with $53 off a AncestryDNA genetic testing kit

Discover your origins with $53 off a AncestryDNA genetic testing kit

Ready to learn your own origin story? Amazon has the AncestryDNA Health and Personal Care genetic ethnicity kit on sale for $47. This is a part of Amazon’s “Holiday Dash” deals event, and the event is growing larger as we get even closer to Black Friday. This is the lowest price on AncestryDNA’s kit we’ve seen. The kit normally sells for $100. While we have seen it regularly go on sale for $59, its all-time low price before today was $50. This year’s Black Friday is setting a brand new low price.

The kit you get with your order is basically a DNA-collection package. AncestryDNA needs, well, your DNA to analyze it and tell you all about yourself. So the company sends you a prepaid package and a way to collect some saliva for them. The whole thing comes with easy-to-follow instructions and after six to eight weeks you’ll get your results.

Those final results can be viewed easily online and with your mobile device. You’ll be able to see your origins from over 1,000 regions and even find connections to living relatives. You’ll get historical insights that connect you to your original place in the world with great geographic detail. You might be suprisingly unfamiliar with the region you end up being from, so this test can provide historical context from ancient times up until modern times.

If you choose to, you can combine your results with other AncestryDNA customers online and get access to millions of family trees for even deeper insight. AncestryDNA has a community of millions of people and billions of records. It’s very possible you could learn more about your living relatives than you ever knew.

AncestryDNA promises to protect your data. The company uses data encryption and secure databases to keep your information safe. Plus, only you will have control and it makes that as easy as possible.


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