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Developing Your Skills for a Better Career

Whether you want to get ahead in your current career or want to make a switch to a role more suited to you, you must have the right skills and experience to do so. Any employer wants to see that candidates have at least the basic skills for the required job, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to show them that not only have you gained further skills, but you’re willing to continue learning. Here are some great ways you can develop your skills to get a better career:


You can go to study at college or enroll in an online degree course to complete while you work. Choosing a relevant subject to your career choice is key to getting ahead, especially if your previous education isn’t quite as applicable to the role you’re interested in. You could also ask your employer about training opportunities available within the company or look at enrolling in an industry-specific education program. For example, for those interested in progressing in an IT career, these AZ-900 certifications would be a great asset to them.

For those considering a career in the financial sector, the Series 7 certification can be essential. It assesses individuals’ competency to perform critical functions in the securities industry, including the sale of a wide range of securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, and variable annuities. To prepare for this exam, you can use a free test for the 4 functions of the Series 7 exam which is designed to evaluate your progress and readiness to pass it.


Volunteering doesn’t only look great on your resume, but it can be a fantastic opportunity to help your local community. Taking up a volunteer position is a great way to gain some hands-on experience while you’re still working full or part-time in your current job. For those who are looking to change their career from one industry to another, volunteering opportunities are a great way to get that work experience that employers will look for. It’ll also help you make up your mind about whether that particular career path is right for you without having to make too much of a commitment. You can also ask the manager of your volunteer program to provide a reference for you.

Mentoring Programs

If your current workplace has a mentoring scheme, try to get yourself involved or ask a senior member of staff if you can shadow them to learn more about their role. You might even be able to take some time off work to take part in a similar scheme elsewhere if your boss agrees, as it will be part of your career development. If there isn’t anything like this happening in your work environment, perhaps suggest it to your manager to improve the learning opportunities available.

Ask for More Responsibility

Another good way to learn new skills and show your boss your dedication to your career is by asking for more responsibility. Whether it’s taking the lead on a specific project or taking on extra work or additional duties (even something as simple as locking up the office or doing a stock count), it will help you build your skills and prove your ability to move to a more senior position when the opportunity arises.

If you want to improve your career prospects, whether it’s moving up the ranks in your current workplace or finding new and exciting opportunities elsewhere, you must develop your skills. Think about the points above and how you can use them to enhance your professional life.