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How to play Among Us on your Mac

As fans of Among Us continue to grow, players are looking for new ways to get involved and find more crews to work with (and/or murder). Mac users, in particular, may be interested in playing on their computers, but there’s a small problem: Among Us isn’t natively supported on MacOS.

Don’t worry! There is a relatively simple way to get Among Us on a Mac machine, and we’ll walk you through just how to do it.

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Step 1: Download the BlueStacks Android emulator on Mac

Android games like Among Us need an emulator to run properly on desktop computers, which means that you need to find a reliable emulator that runs smoothly on Macs. Bluestacks emulator is an easy suggestion, as it’s very friendly to Macs and has an excellently crafted Android interface (plus, the Among Us developers are fine with using it). You should also check your minimum specifications on this page to make sure that you are ready to use BlueStacks — it’s not especially demanding, but those with older Macs might want to take a look.

To start, head over to this BlueStacks web page, double-check that you are choosing the 64-bit Mac version of the software, and select Download BlueStacks. If, by chance, you already have BlueStacks downloaded, make sure that the app is updated and skip to step three.

The BlueStacks installer will automatically download on your Mac, but you aren’t done yet. Find the Installer in your recent downloads on the Dock or in Finder, and select it. Navigate to the new window, and double-click on the icon to get started. Confirm with MacOS that you really do want to install BlueStacks.

Now another new window will appear, and you will select the blue Install Now button to proceed.

MacOS will probably once again check to make sure you aren’t an imposter and have you enter your Mac login name and password. Select Install Helper to continue.

Step 2: Unblock and start BlueStacks

BlueStacks is almost ready! However, there is another roadblock that users have to deal with. Newer versions of MacOS will find BlueStacks pretty suspect, so they’ll block it right away, even after entering your password. If this happens, you’ll see a pop-up that says System extension blocked.

Fortunately, this is easy to undo. Select the button that says Open Security & Privacy. This automatically goes to your System Preferences and opens the related security section. Look toward the bottom of the window and you’ll see a warning that “System software from developer BlueStack Systems, Inc. was blocked from loading.” Simply select the Allow button, and things will proceed.

At last, BlueStacks will now complete its download onto your Mac, and should open up the app center. But before you start, you will need to log in with your Google Account information, so have that password ready to go.

Step 3: Find and download Among Us

Once properly logged on, you should start either at your Home screen or at the App Center, where you can take a look at popular games. If you don’t see Among Us right away, you can use the search bar in the upper right corner to look for it — this will automatically search the Google Play store for the game. When the results appear, choose the Among Us icon, and the game should automatically download and be added to your games list.

Step 4: Start a game and make sure everything is working properly

Join a game and check to make sure everything functions and there are no weird errors or other problems.

Note that you’ll have the option to choose between keyboard layouts in Among Us settings, including both touch and joystick schemes. BlueStacks has similar scheme settings in its Controls section that you set — the two control schemes should always match.

The latest version of BlueStacks has made specific improvements in how Among Us operates for joystick, so we suggest that option whenever possible. Now it’s time to start doing tasks, playing mind games, and seeing which side can win! Also, if you have multiple operating systems, BlueStacks works very well with Windows 10, too, so you can download it to other computers for a similar experience.


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