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How IT Sector has Eased Our Life?

Our forefathers would have never imagined the world that we are living in today. The 21st century has brought so many facilities for the humans that are beyond imagination.

1000 years ago, when people used to travel on horses, had they ever thought that a time will come when people will be able to fly from country to country to reach their destinations? Of course not.

All thanks to Science and technology. It made possible most unimaginable things. Technology has made our live 10 times easier and advanced. And the sector that has done most of the work to ease the lives of mankind is Information and Technology.

It has made our lives so much dependent on it (in good sense) that we can’t even imagine a second without it. Imagine that your internet connection has suddenly disconnected, then what will become of you? We are not even able to breathe without it, because it has made our lives so much relaxed and free of tensions. IT sector has eased our lives in many ways, let’s illuminate a few of them.

Easier and Efficient Education

In old times people had to travel from country to country without any special means of transport, just so that they can get a quality education, because no matter which era it is, education holds the same importance as it has been holding since the beginning of the world.

In short, education was not easily access able than, but with the emergence of IT, it was made possible for anyone to get as much education as they want by just sitting in their lounge. The internet is full of the most valuable books, personalities, and information that can change your life.

Improved Banking System

Banking systems are one of the oldest businesses in the world. Banking is the most important sector for almost every market filed. Every year, banking systems are evolving and making better services every time.

The major reason for the progress of the banking sector is Information and Technology. One of the dominant changes that IT has brought in the banking sector is the advancement of the Core Banking Systems. Due to this digital transformation, people can now make their transactions and payments online rather than standing in long queues. 


IT has brought smiles on our faces by giving a touch of entertainment to our dull and boring life. Now we don’t have to stand in the long lines in front of the theater to get a movie ticket because IT has enabled us to transform our houses into mini cinemas.

Better Communication

Will you ever think of writing a letter to your friends or relatives? Of course not. Why would you do so when you have your phone by your side? It only requires you to dial some numbers and you can hear the live voice or even see the real person from the other side, no matter how far you both are.

But just a hundred years ago, things didn’t worked like they are now. People had to write extensive letters, then purchase the stamp and after that have to walk miles to the post office to post their letter, so that their loved ones can know their condition. And this process might take a few days. So communication, just a hundred years ago wasn’t that easy as it is now. Hence IT has done a Solid when it comes to the better means of communication.     

Upgraded Media

A few years back, the media was not much advanced and therefore, people were isolated to their homes and family and had very little contact with the outside world. They didn’t know what was going in the world. The only means of interacting with the world were the local newspapers which carried only a few important news. But as the IT step in, it gave us access to the whole wide world, now we can know every little bit of what is going on around the globe.

Space for New Jobs

As the completion in the IT sector is rising and many programming companies are trying their best to be on the top, that why the demand for IT experts is increasing. There are high demands of computer programmers, software developers, and web designers, etc. in the IT companies. Thus this is leading to new opportunities and space for jobs. 


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Google and Qualcomm partner up to support four generations of Android

Over the past year, Google and Qualcomm have been hard at work trying to prolong the life of today’s phones with more software updates. And why shouldn’t they? Smartphones these days are the most powerful they’ve ever been, and more expensive than ever. We should all get as much life out of these devices as possible, and not be restricted due to the lack of OS and security updates.Together the two companies have now announced that all Qualcomm chipsets will support four versions of Android and four years of security updates, starting with the Snapdragon 888.Hold the phone though, because that four generations of Android includes the initial version of the OS your handset ships with. So what this actually means is, your phone will support up to three Android OS updates and up to four years of security updates.If you’re using a Pixel phone or a recent Samsung flagship, not much has changed. Both Google and Samsung have already promised three generations of Android OS updates, but this does add an additional year of security updates to the mix.The real winner here will be low-end and mid-range Android phones, because now all of Qualcomm’s chipsets will support three generations of Android OS updates. However, this in no way guarantees you will receive three OS updates or four years of security updates on your Android device.That responsibility is still solely on the manufacturer of your phone. The only difference being that now the blame cannot be placed on Google or Qualcomm for the lack of updates. Still, this is fantastic news for the Android platform as a whole. All we have to do now is keep the pressure on OEMs to continue updating its lineup of phones at all levels, whether it be a $1000 flagship or a $200 entry-level smartphone.