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Home News Genshin Impact updates are coming in November and December

Genshin Impact updates are coming in November and December


The updates will fix several bugs, introduce a monster encyclopedia, and unlock more places to explore.

What you need to know

  • MiHoYo has announced that it will be adding updates to Genshin Impact in November and December.
  • Version 1.1 should drop November 11 and will add a monster encyclopedia to the game.
  • Version 1.2 is expected to go live on December 23 and will add Dragonspine Snow Mountain to the map.
  • Version 1.3 is planned for sometime in February and will add the Lantern Rite Festival.

Genshin Impact has proven to be an exciting ARPG with a gorgeous open world for players to explore. MiHoYo, the developer behind this fantasy adventure, has just revealed a list of updates that detail their roadmap for the game.

To start things off, version 1.1 is expected to drop on November 11 and according to Redditor Zlunlu’s translation, will fix several bugs to improve the game’s stability. It will also bring with it an encyclopedia for chronicling the plants, animals, and monsters you discover. Additionally, vague references are made to an in-game event entitled The Unreturned Star Off. We don’t know anything else about this event, but we’ll update as we learn more.

Then on December 23, the second Genshin Impact update, version 1.2, is planned to bring in the new location, Dragonspine Snow Mountain. Considering that Teyvat’s map is currently made up of rolling green hills and beaches, a touch of snow-topped peaks will bring some welcome variety.

Finally, version 1.3 is supposed to come sometime in February and brings with it something called the Lantern Rite Festival. It sounds magical, but we don’t know exactly what this event entails. We’ll be sure to keep our ears to the ground and will share more about these updates and events when we learn more.

Fantasy exploration

Genshin Impact


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  • Free for iOS
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  • Free for PC

Explore Teyvat

This free-to-play RPG allows you to explore a fantasy world complete with dragons, magical powers, and knights. It features gacha game mechanics, but doesn’t actually require you to pay money to play.

Genshin Impact


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