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Home News GameThrill gives you 10 great games every month, subscriptions now 33% off

GameThrill gives you 10 great games every month, subscriptions now 33% off


From the pandemic to wildfires, there are many reasons why you might want to stay inside right now. But if the cabin fever is starting to bite, you might want to grab the GameThrill Big Game Box. This subscription delivers 10 great titles every month, and you can currently get three months for just $49.99.

As every gamer knows, buying new games individually can be really expensive. By bundling together titles, GameThrill allows you to play the latest titles without breaking the bank.

This deal includes 30 games in total, spread over three months. There’s something for everyone, from realistic racing in DiRT Rally to the heart-pounding action of SAMS.

You can also test your military strategy in Make War, explore stylish dungeons in AVA, and enjoy endless laughs in Goat Simulator. Other big names include Dragon Hunter, Cybercube, Creepy Vision, F1 2018, and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.

All these titles have great reviews on Steam, and you get instant access every month as a subscriber. Order now for $49.99 to start playing!



GameThrill Big Game Box: 3-Month Subscription (10 Games/Month) – $49.99See Deal

Prices subject to change 

Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.


The Pixel 4a now comes in a new limited-edition Barely Blue color

Ever since Google first launched its Pixel “a” series of phones with the Pixel 3a last year, it has proven to be a huge hit, and for good reason. The budget handset from the search giant packs in most of the essential features, such as a killer camera, fantastic battery life, and top-notch software support. In fact, in our review, Scott called it “all the phone I will need for the next year or more.” Plus, the best part is, it’s not going to break the bank at a very reasonable price of $350.Now, fans of the series have something else to get excited about, because Google is introducing a new color to the Pixel 4a lineup in the shade of Barely Blue. For those of you who find the black one a little boring, this is fantastic news. The only bad news is, it’s limited-edition, and if you’re not a fan of pastel blue, then you’re going to be disappointed.As the name suggests, the new color is barely blue, using a light pale shade of blue for the plastic case of the phone. The fingerprint sensor is dyed to match, with the black camera bump and orange power button being the only pops of contrasting color.It’s not the first time Google has introduced a limited edition color to one of its Pixel phones. Last year we saw something similar with the Oh So Orange Pixel 4, which only came in stock a couple of times and is now much harder to come by.Keep that in mind, because it’s best to grab the limited edition Barely Blue Pixel 4a while you can. Fortunately, the price is the same as the more mundane black version and it’s still currently in stock on the Google Store.

Google unveils Black Friday Deals at Google Store

I’m pretty sure that most people know about Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving is arguably the biggest day for retail sales in the United States. Big box stores offer deep discounts for popular items. Google has decided to give us a sneak peek of its impending discounts for the Google Store this year.Google is spreading these reductions across two different days. The first wave is November 22 and the next starts on November 25. These discounts include steep cuts on many of Google’s lineup like Nest audio speakers, Pixel 5, Nest Hub displays, and even the Nest Thermostats.November 22 promos:Pixel 5 $649 ($50 off)Nest Audio 2-pack $169.98 ($30 off)Google Home Max $149 ($150 off)Nest Hub Max $179 ($50 off)Starting November 25:Stadia Premiere Edition $69.99 ($30 off)Nest Mini $18.99 ($30 off)Nest Hello Doorbell $179 ($50 off)Nest WiFi Router and Access Point $189 ($80 off)Nest Thermostat $199 ($50)While all of these are great, the two largest price cuts that jump out are the Nest WiFi Router and Access Point combo by $80 and the Google Home Max by half at $150. A traditional “good” router alone will cost you around $150 to $200, so the Nest WiFi combination is a nice deal to transition to a mesh network.The Google Home Max is notable for the steep discount and the fact that it’s the only part of the speaker lineup not carrying the new Nest branding. This could be Google purging inventory for an update Nest Home Max in the near future. Regardless, it’s half off and makes for a compelling time to snag this monster speaker.Be sure to set a reminder and bookmark these deal links. Then you can head over on November 22 or the 25th to snag the latest promos Google has to offer on its devices.

Google Fit and Wear OS are getting improvements to sleep tracking, social sharing, and more

These days, it’s more important than ever to keep track of your health and try to stay in shape. However, keeping track of all of this can be a huge ordeal. The sheer number of fitness trackers and apps available can be a little daunting, to say the least. Enter Google Fit, which does its best to collect all of this data and present it in helpful ways.With the latest update, new features have been added to Google Fit and Wear OS, along with some UI tweaks to ensure you keep hitting your fitness and wellness goals.Getting a good night’s rest is one of the most important parts of staying healthy. Unfortunately, getting enough sleep isn’t always easy to come by, but at least we’ll all be able to keep track of this information better with the new improvements to Google Fit.The latest update to the app will provide even more sleep data than before, such as being able to view sleep stages or nightly activity. There will also be an option to set a bedtime schedule goal, in case you’re like me and have trouble getting into bed on time.Devices that sync sleep data with Google Fit include, the Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch, Oura Ring, or Withings sleep tracking mat. It also works with popular sleep tracking apps such as Sleep As Android or Sleep Cycle. In the future, the list of supported apps and devices will continue to grow, so keep an eye out to see if yours is added.Exercise is more fun with friends, and the social share feature allows you to share stats, routes, or photos from your Google Fit journal entries. Now, you’ll be able to challenge friends or simply celebrate as you hit your new fitness goals by sharing on social media or through messenger apps.Of course, if you’re going to be sharing your workouts, it would help if those were convenient to track. That’s where the Google Fit Workouts Tile comes into play. It helps you get to your workout as quickly as possible with shortcuts to your most recent workouts, as well as allowing you to view all your metrics on one screen. For those that need a little extra motivation, you can even set up workout goals and receive alerts to make sure you keep your pace up.Along with exercise and getting enough sleep, it’s important to keep your mental health in check as well. In an ever more stressful world, sometimes it’s essential to take a breather. The new Wear OS Breathe Tile will help you do just that, with guided breathing sessions. It even gives you a summary at the end showing how your heart rate changed as well as providing a recap at the end of the week.Finally, the Weather Tile is getting a UI refresh on Wear OS that’s easier to read with enhanced details about precipitation and weather alerts.As with most Google updates, these will most likely roll out in stages. Keep an eye out for the changes over the next few days as Google begins to push them out.

AT&T starts selling Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro has joined the AT&T roster, and can now be purchased online from AT&T nationwide. It also joins the list of FirstNet Ready devices from AT&T, which is a partnership between the carrier and the First Responder Network Authority to create a reliable way for frontline workers to communicate.This military-grade phone is a capable FirstNet device, featuring an IP68 water resistance rating, a replaceable battery, and built to MIL-STD 810G standards. Don’t let the ruggedness fool you, the Galaxy XCover Pro is also a stylish smartphone, measuring in at 9.9mm thin with a 6.3-inch full HD display.Under the hood is a Samsung Exynos 9611 Octa-Core processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 4050mAh battery. When it comes to cameras, the Galaxy XCover Pro is no slouch, with a 13MP front-facing camera and a dual-camera setup on the back, featuring a 25MP main shooter and an 8MP ultra-wide camera.Some additional features include the ability to use the touchscreen while wearing gloves and a robust Pogo Pin connector for charging. Two things I’m sure most first responders will appreciate when they are out in the field trying to keep us safe.Besides its durable design for first responders, the XCover Pro can also function as a mobile point of sale device and supports Band 48 for Citizens Band Radio Service.You can pick up the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro from AT&T starting at $17 per month or $509.99 starting November 16, 2020.