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Dropping the Note 20 Ultra would be a disaster. Protect it with a case!

The best cases for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra needs to balance protection and profile, style and substance, and do it all without breaking the bank. The Note 20 Ultra is one of the most cutting-edge phones on the market, but it’s also one of the largest and heaviest phones in 2020 as well. Combine that with the luxury price tag that Samsung demands, and you have a recipe for disaster if you dare to take your new phone out into the world naked. Skip the public smartphone indecency and get yourself a great case.

Slim and sublime

Ringke Air-S

Staff pick


If you don’t want to bulk up your Note 20 Ultra but need to add some grip, the Air-S is a minimalist case that will give your fingers more purchase than expected while also guarding against scratches.

$9 at Amazon
$9 at Walmart

Rough and tumble

ArmadilloTek Vanguard Series


I have loved the Vanguard Series for the last couple generations of Galaxy phones because the color options go beyond the boring black and blue and the sturdy kickstand works in portrait mode as well as landscape.

From $19 at Amazon

Colorful coolness

Caseology Parallax


The Note 20 Ultra isn’t getting that lovely Mystic Green color, but you can at least get a bit of that earthy glow with the Aqua Green version of the Parallax, or navy blue or burgundy if you prefer.

From $14 at Amazon
$14 at Walmart

Light-duty durability

OtterBox Symmetry Series


OtterBox is better known for the ridiculously durable Defender Series, but I’m partial to the Symmetry because it’s thinner, easier to get on and off the phone, and it usually comes in more attractive colors like this Cake Pop Pink.

From $45 at Amazon
$50 at Best Buy

Clearly rugged

i-Blason Ares


Named for the god of war, this two-stage clear case keeps the Note 20 Ultra safe while showing off that Samsung styling. The color options for the bumper and accents here are quite fetching as well, with Red and Purple in addition to the basic black.

From $19 at Amazon
$22 at Walmart

Subdued and suave

Samsung Leather Cover


Samsung’s first-party leather case remains the leather case to beat for yet another generation, but the color options this year are more earthy and sophisticated than previous years, with color choices of black, brown, and green.

From $40 at Amazon
$50 at Best Buy
$50 at Samsung

Grippy and good

Spigen Liquid Air


While Spigen’s Rugged Armor might be the more popular, the Liquid Air is so much more appealing, both in the hand with its deeper texturing and visually with that uniform look.

$14 at Amazon

Carry it all

FYY RFID-Blocking Wallet


This functional and fashionable folio allows you to ditch the wallet and carry all your essentials together. The lining inside this leather folio disrupts RFID signals, keeping your cards from getting scanned by skimmers, and five colors are available.

From $30 at Amazon

Drop protection

UAG Civilian


Urban Armor Gear is long-known for its military-grade cases, and the Civilian keeps you covered while also sporting an understated look in either an Olive Green for those who wish the Ultra came in Mystic Green, or my preferred Mallard Blue.

$50 at Amazon
$50 at Best Buy

Let’s kick it

ESR Kickstand


Being able to prop up the Note 20 Ultra while you’re out and about is a wonderful addition, especially when you get it without being saddled with some huge bulky tank. It also adds excellent grip.

From $15 at Amazon

Sturdy grip

Speck Presidio2 Grip


The best way to protect your Note 20 Ultra is to never let it slip out of your hands in the first place. Speck upgraded the Presidio case line for the Note 20 Ultra, so it should last longer, grip easier, and feel better in the hand.

$45 at Amazon
$45 at Best Buy

Vibrant scratch-guard

Anccer Colorful Series


If you’re determined to avoid adding any thickness to your Note 20 Ultra while guarding the glass back from scratches and slips, Anccer’s Colorful Series can let you trade the bronze or black for bold blue, green, or red.

$12 at Amazon

Show it off

Ringke Fusion


While the Fusion-X offers a bit more robust protection, it’s much more aggressive look can put off a lot of users. The Fusion offers most of the same protection without betraying the look of the phone.

$10 at Amazon
$10 at Walmart

Feel the fabric

SQMCase Denim Patchwork


Fabric cases are fewer and further between these days, but this case features a flexible bumper around the sides and a two-tone textile feel around the back that simulates denim as well as leather.

$11 at Amazon

Covert card carrier

Spigen Slim Armor CS


Goodness knows the back of the Note 20 Ultra is certainly big enough to hole a few cards, and this understated case from Spigen lets you carry them without being as obvious as other folio cases.

From $17 at Amazon

Shiny and sturdy

Ghostek Atomic


If you prefer your clear cases a little more robust and rugged, the Ghostek Atomic’s multi-layer bumper should help it survive 12-foot drops. I also like the bold metallic accents around the edges.

$40 at Amazon
$40 at Walmart

Minimal majesty

Samsung Silicone Cover


Samsung’s silicone cases are always perfectly color-matched to the Note models, and this year is no exception, offering white, black, and “brown”, which is undoubtedly, unabashedly pink.

$30 at Amazon
$30 at Best Buy

Wallet without bulk

GOOSPERY Card Holder


This unique card-concealing case is thinner than your usual folio fare, and it’s not as obviously a wallet case because the entire back folds open like a secret door, and you can combine it with a credit card inside to convert into a kickstand.

$15 at Amazon

What are the best cases for the Note 20 Ultra?

The Note 20 Ultra is a phone with good bit of heft to it, so you need two things above all else in a case: you need grip and you need impact protection. If you still need your case to be slim while guarding your new flagship, the Ringke Air-S offers great grip and some cushioning while hugging the Note 20’s every curve and not being as flashy and showboating. It’s an understated look for a refined user.

If you need something more rugged to keep it safe, the Ghostek Atomic will let the Mystic Bronze shine through while that shiny bumper conceals the shock-absorbing gel that sits around the corners and the top/bottom edges. I adore the look of the bold red with the bronze, but the Iridescent version could mesh really well with the Mystic White.

Of course, there are a great many cases available in many styles for the Note 20 Ultra, and if you’re looking for something a little more specific, we have dedicated roundups for heavy duty cases, leather cases, thin cases, clear cases, and wallet cases for the Note 20 Ultra, to help you narrow down your search more quickly.


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