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Top 5 Apps for Sports on IOS & Android

NFL season is here … MLB is pushing close to the playoffs, and the NBA playoffs are in a full-court press.

So, with all of this in mind, do you have the right sports apps loaded up on your phone to keep track of everything? If you want to win your fantasy matchups or make money on sports betting, you need to stay up to date and informed.

With sports betting legalized in many states, if you have begun your journey as a handicapper and sports wagerer, sites like sportsbook review have bet trackers to pair with your favorite mobile apps so archive your decisions and adjust based on wins and losses.


If you are looking for a concise app that gives you no-nonsense sports updates, scores, breaking news, and analysis, theScore the perfect mobile app for you. One of the coolest aspects of theScore is how it keeps users connected to stadiums around the world.

The sticky scores dash-board is another cool feature. So, as you navigate the app, you can always have your eye on the ball … or score. Even while chatting with friends or other fans in the group chat section.

CBS Sports

My favorite part of CBS sports is the fact that because it is a major sports media outlet, it allows live streaming of many sporting events. So, not only can you customize the app for your preferred stats, analytics, and scores, you can watch games!!

CBS Sportsline is one of the biggest betting-based mainstream media outlets, so you get your fair share of free betting analysis with CBS Sports as well. Sure, you have to sign up for Sportsline to get full access, there is daily betting advice dolled out by top experts. Another thing about the CBS Sports mobile app that separates it from the rest and makes it one that should be on the top of your list, is the intuitive user-interface. It’s extremely easy to use and navigate.

BBC Sport

Ok, continuing with our theme of massive media outlet sports apps, the BBC is trusted worldwide. This app is considered one of the best sports apps in the world, those based in the United States sometimes forget that there is a whole other world out there. So, if you are into UEFA Champions League, Serie A, La Liga, Premier League, or Rugby, Cricket, and more … there is no better sports app for you. Much like CBS, BBC Sport offers live, on-demand streaming and has dedicated indexes for pretty much every major sport.

Bleacher Report

It’s funny because I remember when this was a small fan-type website that was only making it because of mostly free writer contributions (local small-time sportswriters or aspiring sportswriters). But their business model worked out and Bleacher Report has grown into one of the biggest players in the game.

Bleacher Report separates itself from the rest of the pack with its sports beat-like approach. You can follow your favorite teams through B/R like no other app. On top of this, it might just be the fasted app for breaking news. So, if you are in need of information to make fantasy or betting decisions, having push notifications on the teams you follow through B/R is quite valuable.

Yahoo Sports

How can we leave out Yahoo Sports, after all, we are already foregoing ESPN? Yahoo is great for quick info and though not as comprehensive as BBC with other sports, it does have quite a bit of updates on Tennis, Boxing, Cycling, Cricket, and more.

Yahoo also coincides with Yahoo Fantasy so, you can pop back and forth from checking scores and updates to managing your league with ease. The user experience is also quite friendly, so you shouldn’t get bogged down with navigation problems. My favorite part about Yahoo Sports is MLB and NHL games are available live without having to pay any subscription fees!

There you have it, our Top 5 sports app for IOS and Android. Did we leave out your favorite app? If so, let the world know in the comments below!


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