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Home News This one-day Nest Thermostat bundle deal saves you $60

This one-day Nest Thermostat bundle deal saves you $60

The Nest Thermostat E is one of the best inexpensive smart thermostats on the market, and today it’s even more affordable thanks to a one-day deal at Best Buy. Over there, you can save $60 on the Nest Thermostat E and temperature sensor bundle with the price down to just $139.99 for the pair. Considering the thermostat alone would cost nearer $160 and the sensors retail for $40 individually, it’s definitely a smart buy.

If you’re gearing up for colder weather in the fall and the increased energy costs that go with it, you should really consider a smart thermostat like this. It can save you money not only because of today’s cheaper price but because it can save on energy costs in the long term. It’s smart enough to adapt the temperature to your preferences, and this one takes about a week to learn how hot or cold you prefer it. For example, if you initially tell it to set the temperature to 70 in the morning but then spend the next week manually changing it to 75, the thermostat will eventually just start at 75 by default.

It’s also smart enough to know when to shut down your heating or cooling system. If no one is home, why waste money on heat or air conditioning? And what about when the seasons change? The thermostat can adapt to those temperature changes, too. The included temperature sensor communicates temperature to your Nest thermostat helps make sure a certain room is the exact temperature you want it to be.

Use the free Nest app on Android or iOS and suddenly your mobile device becomes a remote control for the smart thermostat. You’ll be able to do stuff like change the program or set schedules. Plus you can change the temperature from anywhere in the world, whether you’re at work or laying in bed or on vacation. The app adds to the energy-saving possibilities, too, by providing you with data you can use to see how and why you use energy the way you do.


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