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The best Motorola Edge cases

The Motorola Edge is a stylish phone offering excellent battery life and a beautiful screen in a light, compact design. If you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on one of these beauties, you’ll want to ensure it’s protected before heading out to show it off. There may not be a ton of cases available for it just yet, but we’ve picked the best of the bunch to keep your phone safe. We’ve also got some of the best cases for the Motorola Edge Plus.

Olixar Ultra-Thin Clear Case

Show off your new Motorola Edge in this ultra-slim clear case from Olixar. It may be slim, but it takes protection seriously — as you’d expect from Olixar — with a transparent gel construction that’s flexible yet tough. A raised bezel keeps your screen protected when you lay your phone face down, there’s a non-slip coating for added grip, and the interior features a bubble dot pattern designed to repel moisture. At this bargain price, it’s a must-have.

Osophter Purple Flower Case

Clear cases don’t have to be boring, as this floral design case proves. Made from shatterproof TPU and polycarbonate, there are corner airbags to provide additional drop protection, and you can choose from five fun floral designs — our pick is the purple flower version pictured. At this price, you could pick up a couple of these and always have a spare handy.

E-Began Carbon Fiber Case

This case’s sleek design ensures it looks more expensive than it actually is — but that doesn’t mean it scrimps on protection. Made from durable TPU with a rubberized gel coating, this case has a matte finish that repels grease and sweat, making it less likely you’ll drop your phone. 3D technology has been used to create the cool carbon-fiber pattern, while a patterned interior promises to improve airflow to keep your device cool.

Dzxouui Glitter Case

Want a phone case that sparkles like a ’70s disco on a Saturday night and offers excellent protection for your new phone? Check, check. Available in a cool silver version or a more vibrant teal and purple colorway, this clear gel glitter case features glitter that floats around when you move your phone. But it’s more than just an eye-catching case — its soft TPU construction absorbs and disperses shock from drops or bumps, while precise cutouts for the camera and charging ports enable easy access without removing the case. A raised 0.5mm screen bezel and 3mm camera bezel offer additional protection.

Damondy Rugged Case

Rugged cases offer additional protection for the clumsy amongst us — like this one from Damondy. Its dual-layer construction of a tough, shock-absorbing TPU inner and a polycarbonate hard outer shell provides superior drop protection for your phone, and there’s a raised rubber bumper for added cushioning. Front-facing speaker grills provide an enhanced sound experience when you’re listening to music or watching Netflix, with rugged yet responsive button covers and a raised bezel for additional screen and camera protection. Our pick is the red version, but it’s also available in blue and black.


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