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The 6 most essential supplies for your office

Unless you run an organization, you will keep wondering if the stationery shops are actually making any profits, why do these shops look so dull yet they run one of the most lucrative niche businesses. If you think about it, office supplier’s work with goods in volume, which also means before you venture into this kind of business your pockets, must be very deep but then again you can slowly startup from the net 30 application plan from crown.

Small offices gradually bloom into big offices with many small offices or cubicles and a conference room; this milestone is worth a celebration but with it comes expenses that must be dealt with. So, to keep your business going you will need to invest in office supplies things like pens, paper clips, photocopy papers, and invoice books, the list is endless and which includes snacks.

For the latter, there is always the tea break to keep your employee’s energy going and while not everyone will be up for something heavy, light snacks will do the trick. Let us, therefore, go through a list of the 7 most essential office supplies that you will need, to get your new office to transacting business.

  • Office furniture and Storage cabinets

    Discomfort and work cannot be found in the same sentence; you, therefore, have to ensure that you and your employees are comfortable to get the jobs done. You will, therefore, need office chairs that are comfortable, you will also need spacious desks that can take the printer or the monitor and still leave room for the keyboard and the mouse.

How you have organized records and other information materials will determine how fast a specific file can be retrieved and how fast the business can be transacted (efficiency). You will therefore, have to invest in storage units that are safe (from theft, fire, and water), they should also be easy to access and easy to retrieve information.

  • Technology

    ICT supplies involve things like the monitor’s internet cabling (Ethernet), CCTV’s, the alarm systems among others. Technology is a broad concept and for any business, the scope should be wide because technology keeps changing and you must be able to implement when needed at least if you want to stay in business, take for example the current wave of zoom meetings that are going on.

Also, technology enables efficient handling of inventory, supplies, and procurements, including the preparation of employee’s payslips and communication with clients and investors. Besides it is also technology that will enable certain digital payment methods, not to mention the applications and software needed for the performance of certain specific tasks.

  • Stationery

    well this is where the stationery shops are making a killing because the below list of stationeries are needed daily, meaning that they should be supplied in bulk. The first one being the calendars, sticky notes, the whiteboards, markers, and erasers; we also have the paper clips, staplers, office glue, pens, pencils, and their holders for the sake of neatness.
  • Time tracker
    Yes your office needs a wall clock and a big one at that, which can be clearly seen from a distance. Remember that you are running an office and not a school, so you are not going to have a bell to inform people of their lunch or evening break rather the wall clock will do that job. It is also essential as it informs the employees of their working hours and when they are to get off, more especially those who are not into the 8hours schedule.
  • The Bulletin board

    You might not be seeing the relevance of this piece of equipment but wait until you want to post a memo or make an announcement early in the morning or late in the evening to your employees. So, be mindful of its positioning as most bulletin boards are placed at the entrance or the exit so that no employee misses the memo or the announcement.
  • Paper and Ink- printing is an office is a process and you will therefore need to invest in the copy papers, notebooks, and notepads. You will also need cartridges that have ink and can print clear images and words more so if you are preparing for a presentation or are compiling your yearly report to be presented to the investors.

Final Thought

As we have established there is so much that goes into setting up of an office, but there are also office suppliers that run a one-stop-shop for all the things you will need during the initial start-up stage. Some have been in the business for a long time and will, therefore, advise you of the essentials; be sure, therefore, to choose the best company that runs offers and can give you supplies on credit as you start.


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Just about anyone you’d ask is familiar with the top-tier wireless service providers in Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. What about lesser known, or newer brands?Let’s take a look at a relatively younger carrier, Tello. This guide will serve to help you understand what the MVNO offers and how it competes in the mobile arena.Where can I buy an unlocked phone?Buying an unlocked phone? Consider these questionsTips for buying a used phoneTell me about TelloTello is a newer player in the mobile field and finds itself in the increasingly crowded segment of low-cost, no-frills alternatives. Its service uses Sprint’s network for coverage but it operates with its own plans and features.What are Tello rate plans like?Tello rate plans are no-contract, meaning you can go month-to-month with no long-term agreement, cancellation, or activation fees. As many carriers in this space do, Tello throttles speeds once hitting the data allowance as opposed to charging overage fees.Customers can mix and match rate plans based on personal needs. A lot of users have access to Wi-Fi connections, or don’t make many calls in a month. To that end, it’s possible to dial things up or down to suit tastes; subscribers can change their plan as often as needed.Ready-made PlansThere are four ready-made plans that do a great job of meeting the demands of most users. They cost as low as $10 per month and include unlimited text and calling.$10/month: Unlimited Talk and Text with 1GB of high-speed data$14/month: Unlimited Talk and Text with 2GB of high-speed data$19/month: Unlimited Talk and Text with 4GB of high-speed data$39/month: Unlimited Talk and Text with Unlimited high-speed dataAre there any other Tello features?Tello offers a handful of other options to its customers, including mobile hotspot and international calls. You can use any amount of your data plan to tether other devices. Calls to Mexico, Canada, and China are the same as if you called in the United States.What about international calls and texts?In addition to the aforementioned countries, Tello subscribers can make calls to other India, Cuba, and a host of other countries. Each has its own rate and can be used in a mix-and-match fashion. All one need do is purchase a Pay As You Go credit ahead of time.The credit can also be used for SMS or data, depending on which plan you’re signed up with at the time.Does Tello have a referral program?Yes, they’re called Tello Dollars and the referral program rewards you for signing up friends and family members. Share your referral link, and once your friend places their first successful order, you get $10 Tello Dollars. Your friend also gets $10 Tello Dollars.You can refer as many friends as you like and the money can be used for things like rate plans, phones, and PAYG credits.What kind of phones does Tello offer?Taking a look at the current lineup of phones offered through Tello we find familiar names like LG, Samsung, and Motorola. All told, there are more than two dozen phones to choose from but it’s a real tossup as to what’s available.Buying an unlocked phone? Consider these questionsWhich carrier has the best value at $50 a month?Which major prepaid carrier has the best $40 rate plan?As is the case with prepaid providers or MVNO brands, selection is a mixed bag and leans more toward affordability and not performance.READ: Best phones available at TelloIt’s worth noting that the phones you order from Tello will come in plain generic packaging and may only include the charger and battery. There will be no manual, earbuds, or other accessories.Are there any phone deals with Tello?Indeed, there are plenty of phones with discounts, some ranging as high as $50 off. About half of the current roster is comprised of refurbished phones, which also means lower prices.Can I use my own phone with Tello?Yes, you can use any Sprint-compatible phone just so long as there’s no unpaid balance on another network. You’ll need to ensure it’s unlocked for use outside of Sprint if it was previously used with another carrier.Tello only accepts unlocked CDMA devices or unlocked multi-network phones that incorporate both CDMA and GSM technologies.Head to Tello’s website to check whether your specific model is supported.

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