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Protect your new, huge Note 20 with one of these cases

The best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases are protective, grippy, and stylish. While the regular Note 20 doesn’t have a glass back, it’s still a big, honking phone and you shouldn’t dare step out your door without protecting it with a case. From thin and colorful to ruggedly handsome, these are the cases you can trust with your new Note 20.

Clear and clean

Spigen Liquid Crystal

Staff pick


Want to show off your lovely Mystic Green phone? The Liquid Crystal will offer grip and scratch protection while keeping things slim and sanguine. If you want a little more pop, I adore the Glitter variant!

$10 at Amazon
$13 at Amazon (Glitter)

Functional fabric

Samsung Kvadrat Cover


This sustainable case is bright, cheerful, and feels wonderful in the hand. The color choices are a bit small compared to the S20+, but the bright pink case mislabeled as Red is lovely, so why would you need anything else?

$35 at Amazon

Mesmerizing majesty

Caseology Parallax


The Parallax’s Aqua Green adds a new level of depth to the Mystic Green Note 20, and while it may not look grippy at first, that cubist pattern across the back offers plenty of places to perch your fingers and keep your Note balanced in your hand.

From $14 at Amazon
$14 at Walmart

Understated grip

Ringke Air-S


Want a slim but grippy case that won’t draw the eye to your shiny new flagship? The Ringke Air-S’s subdued color palette plays perfectly with the Note 20 line while guarding it against slips and scuffs.

$11 at Amazon
$9 at Walmart

Upgraded armoring

Speck Presidio2 Grip


This is the quintessential grip case, from Speck’s trademark grooves on the back to the robust impact protection, which should help keep your screen from shattering should you face a dreadful drop.

$45 at Amazon

Thin and vibrant

Anccer Colorful Series


This ultra-thin hard case won’t offer much in the way of impact protection, but it can guard your Note 20 against scratches, add a little grip, and give you a more vibrant red or blue color if you’re not into green and bronze.

$12 at Amazon

Fit for a king

UAG Monarch


UAG knows how to make a case fit for a king, and the Monarch is that rare instance where heavy-duty and luxury overlap in a way that actually makes sense, with the leather or carbon fiber accents feeling solid and sublime in the hand.

$60 at Amazon

Beautiful protection

Spigen Tough Armor


Want a durable case that matches the color of your Note 20? Spigen offers a rugged dual-layer case in each of the Note 20 colors — Green, Bronze, and Gray — and it even sports a small kickstand for watching YouTube in the break room.

From $15 at Amazon

Luscious luxury

Samsung Leather Cover


Samsung’s leather cases never disappoint when it comes to fit and feel. These cases continue the somewhat natural, earthy look of the Note 20 color lineup this year, with a lovely brown and a deep, deep green.

$50 at Amazon

Showcase in safety

Ringke Fusion-X


The Fusion-X has always been a divisive case, but love it or hate it, you can’t deny that it’s an excellent option for protecting your Note 20 while showing off those earthy colors. There’s also a Camo option that will look awesome with Mystic Green.

$13 at Amazon
$13 at Walmart

Heavy, heavy duty

OtterBox Defender Series


The Defender Series is quite possibly the most iconic case in the word, and its rugged durability helped establish OtterBox as the Kleenex of the phone world. It even comes with a belt clip, if you’re bold enough to rock one in 2020.

$60 at Amazon

Combine and consdense

FYY Leather RFID-Blocking Wallet


If you’re going to carry a phone as big as the Note 20, you might as well spring for a wallet case so that you only need to grab your phone and go. This wallet fits three cards plus cash and has RFID-blocking filament to prevent skimming.

$30 at Amazon

What are the best cases for the Galaxy Note 20?

The Galaxy Note 20 might be the smaller of the two new phones, but it’s still a sizeable phone with a sizeable price tag, so the best cases for the Note 20 will offer grip and impact protection to protect your precious new phone. If you prefer your protection in a more streamlined form, the Spigen Liquid Crystal will let that Mystic Green or Mystic Bronze show through in full glory while still offering great grip and scratch protection.

If you prefer a more rugged case, the Speck Predisio2 Grip is grippier than ever and should help your Note 20 survive most reasonable drops; Speck says it can survive up to 13-foot drops but let’s hope we never have to actually test that out. The MicroBan coating on it is nice to see, just remember that it’s designed to kill odor and stain-causing bacteria, not to kill every virus spore your phone comes in contact with.

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