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Online reputation – 9 Tools you must have to monitor Results

In a world where life is continuously dependent on what happens online, it is important that we closely guard our reputation. In other words, what we say, do or fail to say or day is a crucial factor of the success matrix. Great brands have come tumbling down as a result of poor management of their online presence. On the other hand, carefully handling your reputation can attract more business and accelerate growth.

There are several tools online for monitoring general performance as well as specific areas. As a way of helping you manage online reputation, we’ve put together a few tools you can use to monitor results.


The name suggests just what Reputology is all about. The core business of Reputology is to manage and monitor online reviews by customers. This tool has a specific focus on businesses with multiple locations. Through integration with social media listening and monitoring tools, Reputology can provide feedback and carry out some analyses on general online performance. You can choose from various payment plans available.

This tool is suitable for small, medium, and large enterprises. They have put together an analytic tool that helps you to find the best response to negative criticism or disgruntled customers. It has also been used by reputable 500 fortune companies.

Subscription is on an annual basis and customer service is available on phone and email.

Social Mention

You can use Social Mention to track information across various social media platforms into one channel. With links to social media platforms, this is a highly interconnected tool that can help you to see what people are saying about your products.

How can Social Mention help? Some benefits include:

  • Knowing who is talking about your brand
  • Detailed customer insights
  • Getting sentiment analysis

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is yet another useful tool for tracking business mentions, brand building as well as link building. It is simple to set up and more exciting because it is a free tool. It is also suitable for established businesses as well as beginners.

Another attribute of Google Alerts is that it helps you find likened and unlinked mentions. Unlinked mentions refer to those that don’t send a link back to your page. Linked mentions are more helpful because they make it easier for searchers to look for you.

 You can use the services of reputable companies such as Joel House Sunshine Coast SEO to help you work around this and other online tools.

The Brand Grader

The Brand Grader says their key business is to give a snapshot or quick glimpse into how brands are performing online. In addition, to give you an insight into your online platform, this tool does competitor monitoring, tracking conversion, and watching out for social media mentions. The Brand Grader is thus a good tool for business to evaluate their online performance from various Key Performance Indicators(KPI).

The Brand Grader is one of the newest entrants on this list. As such, we expect them to leverage on the foundation laid by their predecessors to improve on customer experience.


The underlying design of Chatmeter is in a way that it should help businesses collect customer feedback and analyze. In doing so, companies can improve on certain key areas following the concerns raised. This tool is yet another appropriate for multi-location brands and linking with agencies.

Chatmeter has a keen focus on making follow-ups at the local level particularly for fragmented businesses with branches and agencies across multiple locations. This tool evaluates online presence in particular locations and benchmarks the performance against surrounding competitors. Customers also benefit from personalized recommendations and notifications through daily email alerts

Chatmeter’s outstanding features include :

  • Bulk responding
  • Customized templates
  • Response on the dashboard
  • Personalized merge tags.

Using the Chatmeter App, your team can stay connected with customers and get real-time alerts and a seamlessly work system to help the team deliver high-quality customer service.


Sentione summarizes its working model in three words: Listen, React, Automate.

By providing an in-depth analysis of audience reactions and sentiments, this tool provides a comprehensive reputation management roadmap. With Sentione, you can check out any number of keywords in multiple languages see the kind of mentions that have taken place in platforms such as social media sites, news websites as well as blogs in various countries. The aim is to give you a clear and broadened view of your performance. The other enticing aspect is the possibility of answering

The ability to get specific details on customers regarding location, gender, hour histogram is perhaps one of the greatest strengths of SentiOne. This allows brands to customize responses and services suitable or individuals everwhere. Data delivered from this analysis can be retrieved easily in PDF formats for further action.


On the company’s website, BrandWatch displays a large, bold tagline that says: Understand Your Audience, Influencers, Content, Consumers.

This is primarily a summary of what this tool can help users achieve online. This is a good tool to analyze performance and mentions across various platforms. The outstanding ability of Brandwatch is providing analysis and reports in real-time through a self-service dashboard. With this tool, businesses can evaluate performance through organic conversations from a large pool of database across the internet.

Crawlers play an important role in finding the necessary information online. Brandwatch prides itself in using superior technology to seek and give insights to its customers.

The company further says its tools are compatible with in-house systems and can be customized for filtering, categorization, alerts, tagging among other elements.

Review Push

You can use ReviewPush to analyze your reputation across several sites. A customized dashboard also allows users to access reports gathered from different locations. Reports can also be delivered at various levels of the organization such as store level, regional, district, and corporate headquarters.

Using the multi-store review tool on the platform, users can generate positive reviews, while an email response feature helps you to respond to specific reviews. This tool can also integrate with others such as Biffer, TripAdvisor to help deliver desired results. Customer service support is also accessible through an online help desk.

Reputation Ranger

Reputation Ranger offers a multi-faceted approach to the management of online presence. Through a comprehensive interface, users have access to several features that can be used to suit their needs. For instance, with the Events and Notes feature, you are able to track various efforts that add value to your campaigns.

There is also a Historical Data feature that allows you to export cumulative data month-by-month for a specified period of time. This data can be integrated into reports and graphs as a way of creating a clear demonstration of your campaign journey.

Another interesting feature here is Alerts and Notifications which you can use to track certain keywords and be notified whenever the Keyword or URL shifts position. This should ultimately help you to undertake the necessary changes.


Maintaining positive energy in managing online reputation requires a keen understanding of what really works. It also calls for proper analysis and engagement with your audience. There are several tools that you can pick from, depending on what you want to achieve, your budget, and your suitability.

You must conduct a background check on any tool before committing to it and see the deliverable results. The most important element, however, is ensuring that you get the sentiments of the customer and deliver on your promises.


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