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How to play PUBG on your PC

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular battle royale games on the market — and for good reason. Fast-paced action, incredible maps, and tense firefights are staples of each round, making the need for quick reflexes and good teamwork paramount to your success. Joining in on the fun is easy, although unlike some titles in the genre, PUBG is not a free game. Here’s how to download and play PUBG on your PC.

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Where to buy PUBG

There are two ways you can purchase PUBG on your computer. The simplest is to install Steam. Once installed, use the search bar at the top-right of the screen to search for PUBG. This will bring you to its product page, where you can purchase the title for $29.99.

The other option is to go directly to PUBG‘s website. At the top-right corner of the screen, there is a dropdown menu — click on it and navigate to the Buy Now tab. From there, you can choose to purchase it on Steam or directly from PUBG‘s e-shop.

How to download PUBG

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Regardless of how you bought the game, you’ll still need to install Steam before you can run it. If you purchased it directly through Steam, PUBG should begin downloading on its own. If it doesn’t, head over to your Steam library, click on PUBG in your catalog, and select Install to start the process.

If you purchased the game from the PUBG e-shop, you’ll be given a code that can be redeemed on Steam. With Steam open, head up to the toolbar and click on Games. Next, click Activate a Product On Steam, then input your code for PUBG. This will add the product to your library and begin the download process.

As of now, Steam is the only way to run PUBG on your PC. No other clients — such as Epic Games Store or Origin — can run the title, so you’ll have to make sure Steam is installed on your PC and you have enough space to download the title.

How to play PUBG

Once you’ve installed PUBG, playing it is as simple as going to your Steam library and clicking the Play button. You’ll have several game modes to choose from — including normal match, ranked match, and training mode — but we’d recommend diving into whatever catches your eye and learning the ropes as you go. However, if you’re completely new to the world of battle royales, it might be worth your time to check out the training mode first. PUBG can be a difficult game for beginners, but spend some time practicing, and you’ll be winning matches in no time.


How to play PUBG on your PC

PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale games on the market, and you can even play it on your computer. Here's how to download and play PUBG on your PC.

Google Pixel 5 expected to launch September 30

Google is expected to introduce its Pixel 5 smartphone, Pixel 4a with 5G, and a handful of other products on September 30, according to an invitation being sent out.The “Launch Night In” event takes place at 2PM EST/11AM EST and promises details on a new Chromecast, a new smart speaker, and new Pixel phones.Google has previously indicated that the Pixel 5 and a 5G-ready version of the Pixel 4a were coming this fall. According to Google, the 5G variant of the Pixel 4a will start at $499. The Pixel 5’s price remains a mystery.Google’s new smart speaker is likely the one that leaked in July, which appears to be somewhat of a cross between the Nest Mini and the Google Home Max from a few years back.As for the new Chromecast device, it may be one of two that were recently spied at the FCC. Google has been working on tweaking its Android TV and Chromecast experience; a TV dongle with codename “Sabrina” is the likely candidate and figures to blend the two.Given there are a couple of weeks separating now and the September 30 launch chances are good that a few leaks could spoil the surprises.

Mobvoi’s new budget TicWatch GTX smartwatch is now available

For those that may not know, Mobvoi has become somewhat of a darkhorse for Google devices over the last few years. With multiple iterations of Android Wear, Google smart speakers, and earbuds, the “Tic” line of devices are affordable options for those living the connected life. Today the company’s latest a budget smartwatch targetting the workout warriors with the TicWatch GTX is ready for purchase.The Ins and OutsWhile the $60 price tag will get most people’s attention, the software might be the biggest story for the TicWatch GTX. This marks the first time the Mobvoi team has strayed away from Android Wear. The GTX runs a custom Realtime OS that the company claims leads to the optimization it accomplished.That mainly shows itself in up to 10 hours of battery life. Android Wear has struggled to find that kind of endurance, but the TicWatch GTX presents that it can far exceed the single day that Wear OS lasts on most watches.Outside of battery, the TicWatch GTX offers normal sports tracking you’d find on most smartwatches. There are 14 workout modes to follow you while running, cycling, swimming, or even yoga. General steps are getting calculated as well of course.Sleep tracking is also onboard. This should give users the ability to better track trends about a good night’s sleep versus a sleepless evening.Other smart options are the basic interactions with the paired phone. The TicWatch GTX offers notifications for incoming calls and messages. You can also control media playback, check the weather, and find your phone.Internally, the GTX is fairly straight forward. You will get 160KB of RAM, heart rate monitor, accelerometer, IPX68 water resistance, and Bluetooth 5.0 for pairing. No GPS, WiFi, or microphone.PricingThe full retail price of the TicWatch GTX is $60, but if you act fast, you can snag this watch from Amazon or the company’s website for just $54. The GTX should offer a nice alternative in the Mobvoi lineup to the likes of entry-level Fitbit and Garmin devices and at this price point, it even undercuts many of its competitors while offering better battery life.https://www.androidguys.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/TicWatch-GTX-video.mp4

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