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Fortnite season 4 week 3 challenge guide: How to eliminate Iron Man at Stark Industries

Fortnite’s season 4 is chugging along, and week 3’s challenges have gone live. For the most part, this week’s challenges are mostly standard, though there are a few you might struggle with. One in particular — eliminating Iron Man at Stark Industries — is extremely tough for a few different reasons.

Stark Industries is a major hotspot since it’s a brand-new location and features a challenge this week. On top of that, Iron Man has a lot of health and deals tremendous damage. Considering you have to watch out for other players, the Stark Robots guarding the location, and Iron Man himself, this is easily one of the hardest challenges Fortnite has had in a while.

However, we’ve got the tips and tricks you’ll need to take Iron Man down as easily as possible. We’ll show you where to find him, how to take him down, and give you some pointers that will make your life easier. Here’s how to eliminate Iron Man at Stark Industries in Fortnite.

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Where to find Iron Man

You won’t have any trouble locating Stark Industries, as it’s marked on the map for you. It’s a new area in the northeast of The Authority, and the specific spot you’re looking for is the southernmost building in the new Stark Industries location. Iron Man is usually found patrolling the inside, either on the first or second floor. We recommend landing here as soon as possible so you can get to him before other players. That’s one of the hardest parts about this challenge — taking him out before someone else does.

We recommend landing on the west or north side of the building so you can grab a weapon and enter through the window. There are a few chests around the area, so make sure you grab one or more to stock up on ammo, shields, and anything else that can protect you from Iron Man, his goons, and other players. If you can’t find a decent weapon, you might as well restart because you likely won’t make it through all the chaos.

From what we’ve seen, Iron Man is typically on the bottom floor of the building (though, we did find him upstairs on occasion). You’ll probably be able to hear a lot of gunfire, so follow it and it will likely lead to Iron Man. He’s got his classic red suit on and sticks out like a sore thumb.

How to eliminate Iron Man

There’s a lot of luck that goes into taking Iron Man out, unfortunately. It mostly comes down to what kind of weapon drops the game decides to give you, along with the position of other players in relation to Iron Man. We got lucky and were able to burst in and finish Iron Man off after other players had already lowered his health. We also happened to find some shields and a good weapon and were able to find the target before other players eliminated him.

The best advice we can give when actually battling Iron Man is to aim for the head to deal extra damage while he’s focused on other players. We actually found it easier to eliminate him when other players were around since his attention was usually not on us. Assault rifles or even SMGs work great because you can sit back a little and avoid his blasts. Speaking of which, Iron Man’s attacks are very deadly — he can take you out in just a second or two, even if you’re at full health. That’s why we highly recommend that you apply a shield as soon as you can if you come across one.

You can actually see him charging up his chest beam attack, telegraphed by him rocking back slightly, followed by an orange aura that surrounds him. If you see an orange laser emit from his chest, move as quickly as you can to avoid it. Getting hit with it will likely kill you in one shot if you don’t have a shield applied. That’s why it’s best to attempt to eliminate him while he’s focused on other enemies.

In the video above, you can see the path we used to find and defeat Iron Man. We started on the balcony of the third floor, then immediately started looking for gear. We managed to find two chests with decent weapons and a shield, and once we were prepared, we began our search. Iron Man happened to be on the bottom floor and was distracted by other players, so we took advantage of that and fired away until he went down. This is pretty much the ideal scenario, but it won’t always work out this way. Do this two more times to complete the challenge for the week.

One tactic we saw other players use is to run Iron Man over with one of the cars on the bottom floor. We weren’t able to pull this off, simply due to his positioning, but if you’ve got him lined up and a car is nearby, it might be worth a shot. The other piece of advice is to wait a week or so before attempting this. As with most challenges that require you to be in a specific location, Stark Industries is incredibly busy right now. After a week or so, players will have already completed the challenge and it will be way less busy there. And as always, bring a friend or two to watch your back as you attempt to take out Iron Man.

After he goes down, make sure you secure the kill so you get credit for it. Upon defeat, he’ll drop the  Repulsor Gauntlets, and we highly recommend picking these up, because they are extremely useful. For one, you can use them to fly around, and they deal high amounts of damage. Plus, they have unlimited uses — they better, after all the trouble it is to get them!


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