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Five types of virtual assistant jobs that are in demand

In today’s world, where everything functions online, working from the office is just an old school concept. Working virtually is the new normal. The most common online jobs that are in high demand currently are Virtual assistant jobs (VA). There are numerous companies, including large as well as small scale businesses that use Virtual Assistants. From usual management tasks like data entry, managing Emails to high-tech jobs like a website or graphic designing, video editing, virtual assistants can do everything.

And you know what is best about these jobs? You can do them wherever you want. You do not need to worry about going to an office every day to complete your tasks.

So, just in case you are looking for a virtual assistant job, there is good news for you. There are so many options available for you as there are a lot of services you can offer to the clients and lead a satisfactory life.

Enlisted below are five types of virtual assistant jobs that are in high demand. Have a look at them and choose the best option for you.

Data entry operator

As easy as it sounds. It means entering a data mentioned on a paper or present in the form of audio to a system specifically selected by a company. It does not require any high-end skills, anyone can do it, but it is often procrastinated by a lot of business as it is tedious.

A data entry operator works for a variety of organizations that can be both private and public in nature. As a data entry specialist, you shall be responsible for entering the data in a quick and appropriate way. It needs to be ensured that the data entered is correct and valid. A data entry operator also needs to create storage for data and must have a good knowledge regarding recovering the data if lost or needed at any point in time. Therefore, you can consider it as a career option and earn a good amount of money while enjoying the comfort of your home.

Email manager

In a world where communications are all digital and virtual, there are many companies and clients that look for someone to handle their emails.

Being an email manager, your clients may ask you to keep a check on all the emails and categorize them by creating various folders. You may also be asked to reply to the inquiries placed by their customers on behalf of the company. The skill you require to do this job efficiently is by taking proper research to make sure that you use the best possible practices to manage the emails. You need to manage the email lists by cleaning up old or not important emails and flagging the important ones. Another skill required here is fixing addresses that have typing errors and removing the duplicate emails.

Customer Care/Support Executive

Well, which customer does not want speedy replies and quick support with kind words? It is natural that if a person spends money on a product or company, they must know about the kind of Support Company provides them in return. There comes the role of the Customer support department. There are many companies that do exceptionally well and yet lack in this arena.

There are a lot of companies looking for customer support executives to provide a better experience to their clients.

For this, you might have to interact with the customers over emails, telephonic calls, and even video calls in some situations. All you need to do to excel at this job is, gather all the essential information about the company and understand the product so that you are able to explain it better to the customer.

Presentation Designer

Presentations are the top priority for all the businesses in order to analyze performance, create plans for the future, and explain the work process. Every company needs it, but who has the time to create it? That’s when a presentation creator comes into the picture. Companies highly look for individuals who can create high-quality, comprehensive presentations for them and deliver it right on time.

You do not need high-end skills for this job as well. You just need to understand the topic by doing nice research work and creating presentations. Most of the organizations prefer PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi, which are very easy to use and understand. It is another, a high demand virtual assistant job.

Graphic designer

Poor graphic designs can take a toll on the business and ultimately cause its failure. A good quality website with great graphic designs is something that attracts people and converts them into your clients. Studies show that websites with poor graphics are abandoned by people.

Businesses are in great need of good graphic designers. If you think you have got the skill, you should not miss this chance and start applying to the companies. All you have to do is provide high-quality graphic designs to the company using effective tools.

Therefore, there are a lot more jobs available in market and if you are tired of searching them you can get virtual assistant jobs at Dormzi which are compatible with your skill set.


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