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Don’t be the only one with a potato webcam for those video conference calls

The chances are if you’re in need of a webcam, you’ve hit up your usual stores and have come up empty due to overwhelming current demand, but there are still some great webcams available on Amazon. Slowly but surely, webcams are coming back in stock, so we have rounded up the best webcams that you can get right now from Amazon.

Flexible and solid



Staff Pick

AUKEY’S FHD Webcam will get the job done admirably for those who need a new webcam for video conferencing or some live streams. This 1080p camera records at 30fps, and with the “Fixed Focus” feature, you’ll be in focus even if you are a few feet away from where the camera is mounted. Speaking of, the camera clips onto the top of your monitor or laptop screen, but there’s also a mount for those who have a mini-tripod.

$55 at Amazon

Built-in ring light

Vitade 960A


Trying to get the right lighting can be tough, because you don’t want to look washed out, nor do you want to look like a Sith Lord. The Vitade 960A helps with its built-in ring light with three different brightness levels. As for the camera itself, it offers a 1080p lens and an 80-degree wide-angle field of view.

$70 at Amazon

Get some 4K

Adwaita 4K Webcam


The Adwaita 4K Webcam has just about everything you need to look great on those conference calls with your peers. The webcam is capable of recording in up to 4K resolution at 15fps or 1080p quality at 30 fps. There’s an included privacy cover, along with a tripod for those, making this perfect for any situation.

$66 at Amazon

Wider angles

Victure SC30 1080p Webcam


With the Victure SC30, you’ll get FHD 1080p quality, with videos recorded at 30fpt. There’s built-in low-light correction, along with dual stereo microphones. These microphones provide “intelligent noise-cancellation,” making sure that you’re coming in loud and clear.

$40 at Amazon

Almost perfect picture

Amcrest ProHD Webcam


The Amcrest ProHD Webcam offers almost everything you could want in a webcam, from solid video recording at 1080p/30 FPS to dual microphones for crystal clear audio. Along with being able to plug-and-play, there’s also a built-in privacy cover, a wide-angle lens, and the ability to either mount it on your monitor or on a standalone tripod.

$48 at Amazon

Easy to use

ToLuLu 1080p Web Camera


If you just need a webcam that “works” and you don’t care about a bunch of extra features or frills, then the ToLuLu 1080p Web Camera is perfect. This camera provides 1080p video, 110-degree widescreen view, and is plug and play, making it ideal for just about any computer you may use. ToLuLu even includes a tripod for those who don’t want to mount this on their monitor or laptop.

$46 at Amazon

Everything you need

Hrayzan FHD Computer Camera


If privacy is a significant concern, but you still need a webcam for video conferencing, then the Hrayzan Computer Camera is excellent. This 1080p camera records at 30fps with its 110-degree wide-angle lens, and there’s a built-in microphone with automatic noise reduction. Best of all, when the video calls come to a close for the day, there’s an integrated privacy cover that you can flip over the camera lens.

$49 at Amazon

Not just for gaming

Aoboco Pro Webcam


If you happen to live-stream games or participate in many video chats, having a good amount of light is extremely important. With the Aoboco Pro Webcam, you’ll get all the light you need, thanks to the built-in ring light surrounding the lens. This light sports three brightness levels, and you can even mount the camera on a tripod if you need to get the right angle.

$110 at Amazon

Tinkering required

Wyze Cam Pan


Seeing a security camera on this list may be a bit odd, but it’s for a good reason. Earlier this year, Wyze released a software update that allowed you to turn the Wyze Cam Pan into a webcam, provided that you were willing to tinker around and install the update manually. This is great if you need a webcam in a pinch and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

$38 at Amazon

Video conferencing all with webcams available on Amazon

Video conferencing can be a frustrating necessity nowadays, and there aren’t a lot of webcams that give you the “full package” without sacrifice. But AUKEY’s FHD Webcam comes pretty close with 1080p recording at 30fps, a solid 65-degree viewing angle, and built-in noise-reducing microphones. Plus, this webcam can be mounted atop your laptop screen or monitor, or on top of a tripod if you would rather go that route.

Another solid option is for those who need to make sure that there is enough lighting so that you don’t end up looking like Sith Lord on camera. The Vitade 960A features a ring light surrounding the camera lens which sports three adjustable brightness levels and touch control. There are even built-in facial enhancement features to make you look better than you would expect.


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Whether you work from home or on the move, Virtual Private Networks or VPN, have become a popular tool to protect your browsing history. Having said that, while all the important things you do online remain a secret between you and the other point on the internet, your protection from the VPN server to your destination server remains a cybersecurity hotspot that can cost you dear in the long run.This is the reason that the VPN service you choose should be after careful consideration.Getting hold of the right VPN (like best value VPN is one of the leading providers in the market today) can be extremely difficult, afterall it is a matter of trust between you and the service provider as one can do little to control who can set up a VPN for rent and who cannot. While in theory VPN’s are supposed to keep your interests safe, in practice some of them can be scams designed to steal your data for selling to someone else. That said, there are reliable VPN services, best for your needs, which can be selected by following these five useful tips.Check the trial periodOne of the most important things to check initially while opting for a new VPN service is the length of the free trial period. During this time you can avail of the service without having to pay for it and ask for a refund if not satisfied. In order words, do not invest in a VPN without testing if it conforms to your requirements, which means, the trial period should be long enough to fully try out the VPN you are intending to purchase.Numbers can confuseVPN service providers display a list of numbers which are meant to inform the buyer about the services they are offering to different locations in various countries. This information, though useful to gauge the scope of the VPN company, may not necessarily offer what you actually want. The bottom line is, that irrespective of the big numbers, you should check whether the country you want to VPN is on the list. Say you want to connect to a server in Shanghai, the VPN may be useless for you even if it has thousands of locations but don’t include China.Bigger is betterDepending on how you access the internet, it is important to know the number of simultaneous devices you can be contacted to at the same time. While traveling, two or three may be more than sufficient, but at home you may want more connections in your router.Add on featuresAlmost every VPN service has software installed for Macs, Windows PC, phones, iOS devices and even Linux users. If at home you may prefer to control all your traffic a VPN service with your router, once you move away from this platform, support can become inconsistent. You will need to check, therefore, all the individual offerings which inform you about the add-on features like special software, editing etc which may meet your needs.Kill switchThis term basically refers to the stopping of sending data from the app of a VPN client as soon as the connection of the provider is over. The object is, that unless encrypted, nothing should be transferred to the destination server. While some VPN vendors have kill switches that are effective, look for a provider who says it runs at higher levels in the app network connection. A simple yardstick: do not sign up with a VPN service that does not offer a kill switch, even though it may not be universally effective if you happen to lose your connection.Editor Note: This is a promoted post and should not be considered an editorial endorsement.

This $16 developer bootcamp kickstarts your coding career

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