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Home News Can you replace a Ring Video Doorbell battery?

Can you replace a Ring Video Doorbell battery?


Best answer: Yes. Some Ring Video Doorbell batteries are easier to replace than others, though.

  • Ring’s best wireless video doorbell: Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus ($230 at Amazon)
  • Grab an extra: Ring Video Doorbell battery pack ($30 at Amazon)
  • Let the Sun do the charging: Ring Video Doorbell solar charger ($50 at Amazon)

Drop and go batteries for Ring Video Doorbell

Most Ring Video Doorbell models feature a quick-release battery pack, which is designed to be easily removable. That’s because most Ring Video Doorbell models are battery-powered and are designed to help owners quickly and easily change out the battery for a charged one. You can either stock up on a second Ring Video Doorbell battery so that your doorbell never goes unpowered, or just charge the battery up when it gets low as you would a phone.

The difference between the Ring Video Doorbell and a phone is that the battery has to be removed to be charged. So unless you do happen to stock up on additional batteries, you Ring Video Doorbell will be without power for the few hours it takes to charge this battery up.

If the battery goes bad within the initial 1-year warranty period, Ring will replace your battery for free. Ring sells individual replacement battery packs for $30 on Amazon if you are outside of the warranty period, or if you just want an extra battery to keep on hand.

What about the other models of Ring Video Doorbell?


The original Ring Video Doorbell (1st gen) and the new Ring Video Doorbell (2nd gen) are battery-powered but don’t have easily removable batteries. According to a Ring representative, Ring will replace the entire Ring Video Doorbell (2nd gen) if something happens to the battery within the 1-year warranty period. Ring may also replace the unit or battery itself on a case-by-case basis if it’s outside of this warranty period. Still, these models are not designed to have an easily user-replaceable battery.

Other models of Ring Video Doorbell, like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, are hard-wired and do not have a battery inside at all. Additionally, all Ring Video Doorbell models can be hard-wired to your home’s power so they can use the battery as a back-up power source instead of relying on it at all times.

Alternatively, you can order a solar-powered charger for Ring Video Doorbells for $50, which will also keep the battery charged during most weather conditions. That’s great for folks who want to go battery-powered all the time but also don’t want to deal with switching out and charging the battery up!

Our pick

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus


$230 at Amazon
$230 at Best Buy
$230 at Home Depot

All the features without the wires

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus has all the features of a wired video doorbell, like pre-roll video and advanced motion detection.


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