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Home News Amazon Echo accessories to make Alexa even better

Amazon Echo accessories to make Alexa even better

The ever-evolving ecosystem of Amazon Echo accessories (or Echosystem) has helped turn average homes into modern smart homes. We love how convenient Alexa makes it to control devices, listen to music, check the news, find shows, and do so many other things. Enhance your Echo experience further with one of the many useful accessories available for the different Alexa units. We begin our list with accessories that work with multiple Echo devices and then transition into products for specific Echo devices after that. Let’s get to it.

Wireless charge (3rd Gen)

Mission Cables Portable Battery Base

Staff pick


This portable battery base allows you to use your Echo (3rd Gen) or Echo Plus (2nd Gen) wirelessly up to five hours. It’s great for playing music at parties or events where you don’t have access to outlets. On the back, you’ll find a USB port, DC input port, DC output cable, and LED battery life indicators.

$40 at Amazon

Wireless charge (1st and 2nd Gen)

Caramote Portable Battery Base


If you have an older Gen 1 or Gen 2 Echo, this base will charge it wirelessly for 8-12 hours. It has pretty much all of the bells and whistles of our top pick, just sized appropriately for older Echo devices.

$50 at Amazon

An Echo Glow-up

Amazon Echo Glow


Pitched as an interactive nightlight for kids, the Amazon Echo Glow can add a pop of color to any space. Set colorful timers or sync to the music on your Echo for a homemade dance party!

$30 at Amazon
$30 at Best Buy

Turn up the sound

Echo Link Amp


Use this amp to connect your original Echo or Echo Dot to your favorite speakers for far more powerful sound quality. It’s compact, so it won’t take up a lot of space on your desk or audio rack. Amazon also offers various Echo Dot bundles if you want to purchase the Alexa device and the amp at the same time.

$300 at Amazon
$300 at Best Buy

Time to shine

Echo Wall Clock Citizen Edition


Replace your boring old basic clock with this sophisticated design by Citizen. Of course, you can use it to keep the time, but you can also see the status of your Alexa timers when paired with your Echo device.

$80 at Amazon


Echo Sub


One of the best things about Echo devices is that you can access music from Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, or other streaming services. This particular subwoofer is designed specifically for use with an Echo (2nd or 3rd Gen), Echo Plus (2nd Gen), or Echo Studio. It looks beautiful in your home since it’s designed to match the look of other Echo devices.

$130 at Amazon
$130 at Best Buy

Mount up!

HumanCentric Wall Mount for Echo (3rd Gen) and Echo Plus (2nd Gen)


Take advantage of the Echo (3rd Gen) or Echo Plus (2nd Gen)’s superior sound quality by mounting it on a wall in your home. Don’t worry, your expensive Alexa device is secured to the mount via a screw so it won’t fall off and break. Additionally, the mount itself secures to the wall with the help of two screws.

$20 at Amazon

Change it up

Echo Shell for Echo (2nd Gen)


Spice up your 2nd Gen Echo speaker with a unique covering. There are six colors to choose from to help your Alexa device better match your home decor. One of the skins is even Christmas themed and would be a great gift. The shells range from fabric covers to wood veneer finishes.

From $20 at Amazon

Hold me

HumanCentric Wall Mount for Echo (2nd Gen)


Attach your Echo (2nd Gen) to the wall like you would a wall lamp. The holder is just large enough for the Echo and keeps it from falling over. You’ll also receive two drywall screws and anchors to help with the mounting process. Just make sure you find a stable stud before installing it.

$19 at Amazon

Echo Dot Mount

EchoGear Outlet Shelf


This outlet mount works with every Echo Dot made to date. The smart design saves you space in your home and reduces the length of the Echo Dot’s cables on your wall to keep your rooms looking tidy. Unless Amazon drastically changes the look of the Dot, it should be usable for several generations to come. Get it in either black or white to match your Dot.

$15 at Amazon

Echo time!

Cyber Acoustics Portable Alexa Docking Speaker for Echo Dot (3rd Gen)


Give your Echo Dot (3rd Gen) some oomph with this portable speaker. It’s perfect for use in your living room or bedroom, and it has a room-filling sound with color-changing LEDs. You’ll find an auxiliary-in connection on the backside.

$60 at Amazon

What a hoot

Sangdo Echo Dot Owl Statue


This cute piece of decor doubles as a holder for the 1st and 2nd Gen Echo Dot. Plug your Alexa device in using the hole in the owl’s backside. This also helps hide cables and keeps your room looking tidy. The bottom of the holder is lined with a soft cushion to protect surfaces in your home and keep your Echo Dot from sliding around.

From $25 at Amazon

Case in point

Mission Cables Skin for Echo Dot (3rd Gen)


The neutral colors of the various Echo devices can be bland. If you’re looking to spice up your 3rd Gen Echo Dot, this is the case to consider. It comes in four bright colors: hot pink, Bahama blue, candy red, and Irish green. Of course, it’ll also protect your Echo Dot from scratches, drops, and bumps.

$10 at Amazon

Is there an Echo in here?

Mount Genie Flush Mount Kit Echo Dot (3rd Gen)


If you’d like a more modern look to your home or would prefer to have your Echo Dot (3rd Gen) out of sight, consider mounting it into the wall or ceiling using this kit. It’s designed to let you see the ring of light through the grill, and you can even press Echo Dot buttons through the plastic if you want to.

$20 at Amazon

Take a stand

Amazon Echo Show 5 Stand


If you’re buying the new compact Echo Show device, you’ll appreciate having an adjustable stand to go with it. The Alexa device is held in place using the stand’s magnetic base. Tilt the screen up when standing close or angle it down if it’s on a higher surface than you, and you’ll always have a proper viewing angle.

$20 at Amazon

Show me light!

ThirdReality Night-Light for Echo Flex


Sold as an accessory for the Echo Flex, this handy plug-in can light the way in a dark hallway or garage. It can be set to routines or timers, and you can even change the color of the light.

$15 at Amazon

Trigger happy

ThirdReality Motion Sensor for Echo Flex


Another accessory for the Echo Flex, this motion sensor is a great way to trigger actions or routines that you set up in your Alexa app. Turn on lights, set alarms, or reorder supplies just by walking by!

$15 at Amazon

You raise me up

Amazon Echo Spot Adjustable Stand


If you own an Echo Spot, this would be the ideal stand to purchase. It swivels 360 degrees, tilts up and down, and happens to be one of the least expensive Echo Spot stands on the market. It securely keeps your Spot in place using a magnet and comes in both black and white.

$20 at Amazon

Put your guard up

ArmorSuite Echo Show (2nd Gen) Screen Protector


Some Echo devices can be pretty expensive, so you’ll want to take the necessary precautions to protect them as much as possible. We recommend this screen protector for the Echo Show (2nd Gen) since it’s inexpensive, scratch proof, and will shield your display from dust and fingerprints.

$9 at Amazon

Make an adjustment

Echo Show 2nd Gen Adjustable Stand


The Echo Show (2nd Gen) is much easier to use when you can adjust the screen up and down to face you more accurately. This stand allows that to happen and matches the color of the Echo Show (2nd Gen) beautifully. Just point it in the direction you want to use it, and your viewing experience will improve.

$30 at Amazon

Let’s vent

Echo Auto Air Vent Mount


If you’re one of the few souls who were invited to purchase the Echo Auto, you’ll want to take advantage of this vent mount. It keeps the Echo Auto in place via a magnet and rotates to fit many different vent shapes. Best of all, it holds your cables, so they don’t go flapping about and get in the way of your dash buttons.

$15 at Amazon

Plugged in

Amazon Smart Plug


Smart plugs can make any dumb old device intelligent in minutes. These first-party plugs are easy to set up and take less than five minutes to get discovered and configured from your Echo device or Alexa app.

$25 at Amazon
$25 at Best Buy

Applaud the Echo

Whether you’re looking for something to help you better control your smart home or simply trying to spice up how your Alexa devices look, there are so many fun and helpful accessories to use. Before making any purchases, you’ll want to make sure the accessory you’re interested in works with the specific generation of the Echo devices that you own. Echo devices tend to change in size and shape with each new version.

We highly recommend the Mission Cables Portable Battery Base base that works for the Echo (3rd Gen) or the Echo Plus (2nd Gen). You’ll be able to take your Echo outdoors or use it anywhere wirelessly for over five hours. If you’d rather get something a little more universal, the Echo Sub is a great way to add some serious bass to any Echo speaker setup.


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