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All About Your SP Services Utilities Account

Things You Should Know About Your SP Services Utilities Account

The road to becoming an adult is filled with many different milestones. There’s graduating from school, voting for the first time, getting married, and then buying your first home. Along with buying your first home comes the unexpected milestone of having to open an SP Services Utilities Account. You’ll then have the choice to switch to another singapore electricity provider, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves. For now, you should create an SP account first.

What’s A SP Services Utilities Account?

An SP Services Utilities Account is a utilities account that you open with SP Group. This is an account that tracks the utilities used by a place that you own or rent. This account could also be opened if you are renting or owning a place for business.

SP Group runs SP Services which provides any Singaporean resident owning or renting a property with services for the supply of electricity, water, and piped gas. This will also include the billing, meter reading and customer registration for all these supplies. If you want, you can also buy electricity at the regulated tariff for your residence or business property.

When you first own or rent a property, you would usually create an SP Services account. Thereafter, many do not actually use the account. Instead, the account is left aside. After all, bills are all sent directly to your address or email. There is no actual need for checking your SP Services Account. However, that’s where many people are actually wrong. Your SP Services account is actually filled with information that you might need and can be pretty helpful.

How To Log Into Your SP Services Account?

You can access your SP Services Account through two platforms  – the SP Services web portal or the SP Utilities application. The phone application is available both on android and iOS. You would usually log in with your email address and whatever password you previously set. If you have forgotten which email address you used, you would need your utility account number to retrieve the email address you used. You can find your account number on your bill. From there, you can also reset your account’s password.

So, What Can One Do With Their SP Services Account?

1.    Look Over Your Past Usage and Billing History

If you aren’t aware of how much you usually use and pay in terms of utilities, this can be a good way to begin to keep track. Through your SP Services account, you’d be able to look at your past consumption as well as past billing history. If your household is looking to be more eco-friendly or budget, this would be extremely useful. If you are a business owner that’s looking to calculate your business costs or make projections for a new branch, this would also be extremely useful.

Additionally, this would also allow you to submit meter readings if you have a non-smart meter. If you aren’t aware, non-smart meters are only read once every two months. As such, one of the months’ bills and usage is estimated through an average of the past two readings. If you aren’t comfortable with this or wish for more detailed reading, you can always submit meter readings through the app. If you don’t submit readings on your own, this doesn’t mean that you’re normally paying more or less for your usage. Instead, any surplus or deficiency is corrected in the second month’s bill.

2.    Share Utility Usage with Others and Allow For Others To Pay The Bill

The SP Services account has family sharing features and this means that you can create a group for your utilities account. By adding your family member’s email addresses, they can be invited into this group. From there, they would be able to also look and watch the household’s electricity, water and gas usage. They could even pay for the bills through this group sharing!

If you’re living with children or teens, this might not be so useful. However, if you are living with other working adults, this would be great. This would allow different members to contribute to the household expenses. This is far more efficient and safe as you wouldn’t have to share around a single hardcopy bill or share login information.

3.    Complete Eco Challenges For Rewards (GreenUP)

SP Group is trying to encourage conservation of resources and consequently, they have launched GreenUP. GreenUP is only accessible through the application and this will require interested customers to download the application. However, GreenUP allows users to choose different eco challenges to take part in and upon completion, they can earn “leaves”. Eventually, these “leaves” can be exchanged for CapitaLand’s CapitaStar Rewards.

Examples of eco challenges are things like pledging to reduce household electricity consumption for the month, opting in to get electronic bills, as well as inviting people to also join and take part in GreenUP.

4.    Look at Your Current Consumption

This is only possible if you have a smart meter. And if you do, you’d be able to view your consumption in half-hourly intervals. This will allow you to track your household’s usage clearly and is a huge difference when compared to manual electricity meters. Instead of knowing your reading every two months, you’d be able to see it every half hour. Through the account, you can look at your overall daily consumption and this would enable you to reduce your consumption best. If you’re taking part in a GreenUP challenge, this would also be super useful.

5.    Find Electric Car Charging Stations

Lastly, the SP Services account allows you to find electric car charging stations. If you don’t have an electric car, this might not be as applicable for you. However, electric car charging stations can be hard to find and the SP Utilities app will enable you to easily find a charging station when in need. Additionally, the app can even let you know when your electric car has finished charging. This allows you to step away to grab groceries, snacks or a drink.


If you are a property owner and haven’t downloaded the SP utilities app on your phone, you should download it right now! It’s truly a useful application and it can help you become more eco-friendly in your utility usage!


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